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Discussion in 'Workers' Camp Fire' started by Devin, May 8, 2013.

  1. Devin

    Devin Member


    just wondered if anyone knew what teh z-Zone was at glastonbury, i have been given a role titled Zzone with dc site services, not seen anything on the website about this. anyone got any ideas what it means? or what ill be doing :)
  2. just asked dc friend they said they think I believe it's the boundaries of the inner zone (ie market and pyramid/other stages) that is accessible to transport during certain times
  3. Devin

    Devin Member


    thanks so much
    i did a quick google of zzone glastonbury, the search came up with the forums and a explination close to yours, sounds half decent lol
  4. yup at least your actually in the festival somewhere busy

    its basically the inner pedestrian zone encorporating all main areas with limited vehicle access my friend said, and that it goes into lockdown at certain times of day due to crowd densitys when say bands finish, lockdown meaning no movement apart from emergency vehicles .

    I know a lot of the dc crew they are great people to work with
  5. Surfer_Liz

    Surfer_Liz Dreaming of Glasto fields

    I did that in '08. If it's not changed, you'll either be a vehicle checker or a chaperone. Checkers are stationed at a point on the edge of the pedestrian zone and stop vehicles entering without the correct vehicle passes (not very many have the restricted pass, but they all try to blag the shorter drive through anyway). The chaperones walk in front vehicles while in the pedestrian zone to clear the path & make sure no one gets run over. Have fun! :D

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