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Worthy View Spare Ticket Needed

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Lucy Stride, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Lucy Stride

    Lucy Stride New Member

    Hi Glastonbury Goers

    Does anyone have a spare space in their Worthy View camping allocation?

    We are a group of 8 with only 9 spaces at Worthy View so need to buy one entry space off a kind camper so that we can all stay together.

    There would be no intention for some stranger to come and stay with you, we'd just like to use your spare spot to get an extra person in our bell tent, you'd just need to put their name down on your list so they can gain entry and a WV wristband.

    We would be happy to pay the equivalent value of the space (in the relation to the tent/yurt) so a bit of extra Glasto spending money for you!!

    Please let me know if you can help!

    Thank you!

    Lucy & Co
  2. Andy Metcalfe

    Andy Metcalfe New Member

    Hi Lucy. Are you sorted for Worthy View yet? I have a spare name for my 4-person scout tent (it works out at £130). I've not done WV before so not sure how to add a name on but from what I've read we should be getting more info this month, including confirming names.
  3. Lucy Stride

    Lucy Stride New Member

    Andy we will 100% like to buy this space off you!! I should be able to help with info on how to add name!
  4. Lucy Stride

    Lucy Stride New Member

    I think I've sent you a private message - hopefully you've received this let me know if not.


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