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Worthy View Showers & Hair Dryers

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Emmald, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Emmald

    Emmald New Member


    As a group we've stopped outside the festival with zooloos & pop up hotel few time now & been able to take advantage of real toilets, hot showers & hair dryers, first time stopping at worthy view this year...

    Has anyone got any information on what the showers are like & the area to dry & style hair...

    Roughed it too many times prefer to pay more these days for a decent shower every day

  2. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    The wind, sun and rain is my hair stylist.
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  3. al_coholic

    al_coholic 8th Glasto this year

    I was up there a couple of years ago. The showers are basic but hot and good enough. In the blokes there was about 20 mini cubicles in the back of what was effectively a truck. Then a large tent in front of it where you get changed. There is no privacy so if you are shy you need to get over it. The queue for the mens was not too bad, about 20 mins in the morning, the queue for the womens was MUCH worse, about 40 mins+

    The "pamper" area is again just a large tent with a large number of electric sockets and I think there is mirrors. Its first come first served for the electricity but I didnt really see any queues.
  4. Emmald

    Emmald New Member

    Thank you for your reply

    Do you know if appliances hairdryers, straighteners are provided or is it just sockets for you to bring your own?
  5. Thirdtimelucky

    Thirdtimelucky New Member

    The hair dryers and straighteners are provided. When I was there in 2014 they were free to use but by 2015 they had started to charge (and the queues were even longer!). I think it was about £5 per time if memory serves correctly (I didn't actually use them once they added a charge, I'm just trying to remember what the sign said).
  6. Emmald

    Emmald New Member

    Thanks for that info

    That's abit sneaky, I emailed them when we booked to check but all they said is 'yes there is hairdryers' no mention of a charge....
  7. ethelcurtis

    ethelcurtis New Member

    lol :p
  8. ethelcurtis

    ethelcurtis New Member


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