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Workers advice for 2015

Discussion in 'Workers' Camp Fire' started by Gax, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Gax

    Gax Boom !!!


    I have been lucky enough to have been to the festival every year since 92, Even more fortunate in that I?ve enjoyed the freedom of each day of the festive to participate in activities entirely down to my own choice with no restrictions.

    But yesterday I failed to get a ticket for 2015. I got as far as the payment screen and then lost connection to the server, tried refreshing before going back then getting back in only to see the tickets sold out message.

    I could wait and hope that I get a ticket in the resale, but then to fail again would be critical, with no further sales and very few options remaining. :(

    So I decided to do something positive and look at volunteering / working on site options now. Also I?m thinking it could be a chance to see the festival from an alternative perspective, plus saving some money in the process.

    Firstly I have no experience of working at festivals, although I have worked behind a bar in the past, I would be willing to take up to two weeks out of work to accommodate any role, I understand that you cannot pick your shifts, but if there is opportunity to ensure at least one whole day off through the weekend that would be ideal, but any job would do to guarantee entry really.

    If anyone can help with what opportunities are available, contacts and timeframes to submit application, I would be grateful. :D

    Cheers Gax.
  2. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    I have been working at Glastonbury { and other events } since 1989 with the WBC { they run the main bars at Glasto } - if you have bar experience then your best to apply to Avalon ' via Shelter ' as its near impossible to get a place at Glastonbury ' if you are new ' with the WBC { sure some manage it but its rare due to the WBC cutting back allocation every year as there is far more Teams than there used to be }

    Avalon is a break away group from the WBC and they run roughly the same number of bars but they do it in a different way

    with the WBC a person will work 6 hours per day { I work for six days although some may work five days }

    Avalon shifts are longer - 8 hours but they only expect you to work ' three days ' although which three days is up to them but some who have worked in the past have had a night off over the weekend but nothing is fixed in stone.

    Like the WBC you cant apply direct to Avalon so you have to do this via Shelter

    sign up at


    when they let you know ' when the application area is open ' you have to be bloody fast and do it straight away -

    Make no mistake about this ' you have to be fast ' - it may be February or March 2015 and it will not harm your application by listing your previous bar work { you don't have to give loads of details } even although working at a festival bar is far different than working in a Pub - if you are a PLH then make sure you list that at the top as you will jump to near the top of the queue.

    Unlike the WBC Shelter will take a security deposit {I think it was ?250 deposit in 2014}

    like the WBC Shelter does offer pick up by Coach { location's I don't have a clue }

    The Shelter Coach will likely pick up Tuesday 23rd of June - the sooner you get there ' the better your chances of getting a shift during the week ' so you will be sure you have a day off at the weekend. I know that some did arrive dead late - have not got a clue why but if you have a choice pick the first one.

    Shelter moved their crew campsite in 2014 - funny enough close to where the WBC used to camp in the late 80's although what its like these days I don't have a clue but they will have showers - toilets and at least one mess tent where they have a cheap bar.

    Big Note - that campsite will be secure - they will not allow you to bring any friends in.

    Although I have never worked for Avalon I do know the people who run it and they are well experienced at running festival bars and they will be fair as long as your fair with them .

    Its been years since I worked in a public bar at Glastonbury as I am allowed to pick where I work so I work in the Crew Bar but in the public bar's it can be like a tidal wave at times - it will go stone quiet and then all of a sudden it will be dead busy with no end in sight - don't worry about how big the queue looks just deal with one customer at a time and plow though them.

    Avalon have some less busy bars - its just the luck of the draw - I would always pick a busy bar myself but you will have no choice as to where you will be working and what shifts you will be doing - its just the way it is.

    Its a good deal and you will be able to see the festival on the Tuesday - there will be more people wandering about than you would expect but they tend to the Bread and Roses { its open from 5pm Tuesday }

    I started going 35 years ago but there is no way would I have kept going of it was not for the WBC as I don't mind working as the secure campsite makes up for all the shifts.
  3. Gax

    Gax Boom !!!

    Thank you very much for taking time out to provide me with such a detailed response. :notworthy:

    As suggested I have signed up :D

    Cheers Gax
  4. Gax

    Gax Boom !!!

    Anyone else with any other suggestions would still be welcomed

  5. Surfer_Liz

    Surfer_Liz Dreaming of Glasto fields

    You could try being a womble on the Recycling Crew. Think list is pretty full but worth a shot. Email fiona@glastonburyfestivals.co.uk & info is here...


    Roles include litter picking, recycling centre, tractor bin crews. Usually 4 x 6 hour shifts, but lots of those are 6am to 12, meaning you don't miss out on too much (plus you can sleep when you get home right lol).

    Good luck :x=:
  6. Gax

    Gax Boom !!!

    Thank You very much Liz :)

    Mail has been sent

    Hopefully picking up a brothers pear cider paper cup somewhere in West Holts field in June :D

  7. Surfer_Liz

    Surfer_Liz Dreaming of Glasto fields

    Let us know how you get on! :x=:
  8. Gax

    Gax Boom !!!

    Sure thing :yes:

    Cheers :)
  9. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

  10. banhkemsua7

    banhkemsua7 New Member

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