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Worker Benefits?

Discussion in 'Workers' Camp Fire' started by redlorry, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. redlorry

    redlorry Experienced Glasto Goer

    So I managed to become a guest for a friend working medical and we get registered the same way as the workers.
    What would you say is something we gain from it?
    I know of showers, flushing toilets and staff camping.
    But are we able to use the interstage area? would love to take a shortcut. Or access other areas, e.g staff spaces/bars.


  2. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    you made this question ' Worker Benefits ? ' but you are not even a worker - all your doing is getting in somehow without working.

    sorry but I don't have time to deal with people like you who want the benefits but are not prepared to work for them - Your pass will never get you within sniffing distance of our Crew Bar.

    I am not going to explain what passes are required ' and it will take more than a single crew wristband ' - you would know this if you worked there.
  3. paolo

    paolo Member

    It isn't a blag.

    One of the ways that GFL/FMS attracts the qualified medical staff that they do is by offering additional tickets for their friends and family.

    It is absolutely the festival's intention that these passes exist.
  4. paolo

    paolo Member

    There isn't really any single standard for this. It varies by crew. In your case the definitive answer would be from FMS.

    But at a guess I don't think you'd get interstage access.

    If you have a crew wristband (any crew), there are two or three bars that you can use:

    Maceos (block9)
    The Tow and Hitch (Arcadia)
    Wallys (Shangri-La / Williams Field)
  5. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    From what I know - I had a friend in as a medical - the medical person will get the required passes to use the inter stage area but thrie guest doesn't and they cant blag their guest through that area. You will get a wristband that will take you to the medical camping area but that all you get that is better then a normal ticket person. But you are able to get onto site from Sunday,
  6. banhkemsua7

    banhkemsua7 New Member

  7. banhkemsua7

    banhkemsua7 New Member

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