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What are you taking to Glastonbury?

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by stardustjunkie, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    The 3 people I'm going with are home for a month, then go back to uni. It's possible the next time I see them will be at Glasto itself ;) Also they need to know what they have to take from home to uni for Glasto (as they'll be traveling from uni to Glasto).

    So help me compile a list for our little meeting we're having on Monday ;P

    Yes we're uber prepared!

    So far I've got:

    Tent/Sleeping bag/pillow etc
    Ground Sheet (instead of chairs - to sit on)
    Loo roll
    Black bin bags/carrier bags
    Sun cream + plasters etc
    Duct tape (always useful for any tent damage etc..)
    Baby wipes and lots of them
    Cooker of sorts
    Plates etc
    Empty bottles for hair washing etc

    So help me out here ;)

    Want to be prepared 'cause I'd rather worry about that kinda stuff now then when we're there. Plus there's four of us going so we can share the weight.

  2. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    Should probably point out that I'm aware clothes, food and drink aren't on the list.. I thought they were the obvious ;)
  3. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    1 large bag of weed
  4. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

  5. CeeTee

    CeeTee Glasto Veteran

    Personally I'd scrap the following

    Cooker of sorts
    Utensils Plates etc

    Just buy food and don't take a flag.
  6. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    Poor students don't have the money to be able to afford food there, I learnt that last year :(

    Already bought a flagpole, so it's coming with us!
  7. glastomad

    glastomad Glasto Youth

    personally to add to that list:
    Pen (allways needed one, never had one :()
    Super Noodles - a necessity but being a student im guessing you have these in large supply ahaa
    Whipped cream charges, dispenser and balloons ;););)
  8. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    Supernoodles are a must have on the food shopping list! (which will also been sorted on Monday!)

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    We're not gonna take chairs (I think). Gonna take a groundsheet instead.
  9. stinkywitch

    stinkywitch Mrs Mashed Matt

    I would take chairs, the ground gets very hard after a few days lol
    Also bubble wands are a must.
  10. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    Bubble wands! Omg! How could that not even cross my mind xD

    Chairs.. there's four of us.. that's four chairs that we have to carry, as well as store somewhere in the tent when we're not there =/ We're already carrying a load of booze, a five man tent, all our food etc =/
  11. KarenEH

    KarenEH Member

    :drink:Try to get those 3 legged tripod chairs, they are small and light to carry. I bought them in a local bargain shop for ?2 each - well worth the money. Scrap the pans- take a kettle and loads of dried noodles/rice/pasta in pots. You can buy milk and bread there, so a jjar of peanut butter or whatever takes your fancy to spread on it!! Saying this I always have one meal a day at one of the food stalls- Glastonbury is my annual holiday!!
  12. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy Soon to be 8 timer

    forget the loo roll too - they give it away free on site, wont affect the weight much but will leave more space for alcohol and super noodles:D

    i'd definatley agree with the 3 legged stools, they are great and very cheap and light, always get some every year, they wont last the whole festival so less to carry back on your tired and weary way home!
  13. Bronte

    Bronte New Member

    Hello!!!! New on here but not new to the festivals :D
    Do not forgot your first aid kit, extra socks, alkaselsa, bananas, glow sticks and fancydress!!
    As for chairs, sod that! inflatables are the way forward :D
    blow them up there!
    Take extra blankets, it gets cold and damp at night.
    see you there!!! :D xxx
  14. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    Thanks for the suggestions guys =P

    Didn't think of inflatables haha! Brilliant xD
  15. stinkywitch

    stinkywitch Mrs Mashed Matt

    Inflatables are good! they even blow them up at certain stalls for next to nothing.
    Im the one on the floor (as usual)
  16. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

    Other "Must-Have's" would be a can of dry-shampoo - can get it in wilkinsons for about ?1 its absolutely brilliant... "Batiste" I think its called

    And Berocca effervescent tablets, they are also brilliant - take one before bed and you are guaranteed not to have a hangover in the morning, just green wee, which makes it even better in my opinion haha :D
  17. shelley

    shelley The Shellbert

    I'll need at least one or two real showers whilst there so i'm taking some solid shampoo bars from lush so I don't have to lug bottles that could leak with me. Also contemplating a tutu;)
  18. wozle

    wozle glastochic.

    We've just got a looooad of camping gear from the in-laws, which is brilliant, ground sheets, sleeping mats, camping kettle and stove. We've got all sorts! Yeah ive heard basic packet food is better than taking anything fresh, were going to take some bbq food for the first night tho! We have also got army rashing packs, haha my brother is in the navy so he said he would give us loads, theres full english, curry the lot! there good as they are high in calories and keep you going for ages.

    Also, i saw a good idea on here, a wide neck bottle, eg, fabric conditioner bottle, to pee in during the night! ;)
  19. Buffystar

    Buffystar Old Glasto Fogey

    Stuff :)
  20. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    LOVE the inflatable sofa!

    The flag pole just arrived in the post, a little bigger than I was expecting but we'll work it out xD

    Thanks for the suggestions guys!

    I can go without a shower, as long as I wash my hair with bottles of water and shampoo, I don't mind. I just use baby wipes haha.

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