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Tuesday workers coach from London

Discussion in 'Workers' Camp Fire' started by BpecGlastocoach, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. BpecGlastocoach

    BpecGlastocoach Glasto Veteran

    Hi all

    Just to let you know we still have spaces on our Tuesday workers coach from London. If you know anyone who needs to head to the festival on the Tuesday and hasn't got transport sorted please pass on the message. Tickets available from:


    The coach is running from Stratford so would be especially useful to anyone coming from East London.

    Many thanks
  2. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

    Anyone know if there are any worker's shuttles from the station on Tuesday. Mate has had 4 potential lifts let him down and is now facing walking...
  3. banhkemsua7

    banhkemsua7 New Member

  4. banhkemsua7

    banhkemsua7 New Member

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