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Tickets on the way:)

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by Bell Boy, May 18, 2016.

  1. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy Soon to be 8 timer

    Sorry, I may have snapped up your West ticket then Nelly;) I heard so much about the West that I thought I had to give it a try, still not sure I've personally made the right choice but i'll never know unless I try it. It has always been nice to sit on the top of the hill on Tuesday evening and get slowly drunk whilst listening to all of the activity going on inside the fence, I really hope its a nice evening for you so that you can do that. I've been comparing the walk in from the East and West and overall if you are parked far back in the East it still seems comparable to the Walk from the West, as you know you reach activity a lot sooner from the East gate C than you do from the West gate. We've had some very random luck with placement over the years so all you can do is smile at the steward and pray for divine intervention;) Good luck to the Nellys!
  2. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    Ah it was you was it! I'm curious to see what East is like, it's a bit of a trek through the camping fields from west so perhaps no worse then, and you always have to walk past Arcadia/The Park and Strumpets with Crumpets on the way back for a marmite fix. A friend of mine who is usually in east and is now in west said she enjoyed walking through the T&C fields on the way home, so it will be a totally new experience this year.

    4 weeks and we'll be in!
  3. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    Got an email today

    Just saying
  4. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    We have them :).

    Now waiting for car park ticket lol ordered later lol
  5. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy Soon to be 8 timer

    I've been trying to work out which path we will need to follow from the gate through the tents, can you use any of them or are some of them blocked off? Don't want to have to double back too often! Do you have to come out at the top of the park or below Arcadia? I've never walked much past the Arcadia location. I'm intrigued by the crumpets with Marmite though Nelly, that sounds a great way to start and end the days:) Where on the map is that place?

    I think you will really enjoy your walk home at night, its does look better going back to the East than i'm expecting going back to the West, always feels like i'm right in the festival until the very last minute when going back to gate C, it looks to me that it will feel more isolated going back to the West gate because of the fields of tents?

    It must be getting close as i'm planning on giving the van its annual wash and tidy up this weekend and getting new gas bottles etc - love being in the van, can't wait:)
  6. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    That's just what we've done today! Done inside just need to tackle outside, load her up and we're ready!

    We have a particular route we take but there are a couple of options to and from west, I think going past the park and Arcadia is the only option until you are past that area then you can go one of two ways. Strumpets has been on that route for a couple of years, just before the park.

    So with east, what's the deal with queuing? Do you have to join the car park queue Wednesday morning?
  7. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy Soon to be 8 timer

    I'll be looking out for the Strumpets, well i guess that will take me back to my youth!

    Yes, i'm afraid you do have to join the normal queue on the Wednesday morning, it never used to be very bad, the first time it was quite a long wait was 2011, we didn't leave the van until 8.30 and we walked into the side of the queue quite a way back from the gate, we were lucky in that we just joined the queue there and didn't try to find the end of it (thank fully just 2 of us so no one made a fuss of our jumping in), it did seem to go quite a long way back. It took a good hour to get through that year. We did stay in East last year but we arrived at gate A on the Wednesday so i don't know how bad the queue was then ( i will ask my godson as he came trough gate C that morning).

    I think what swung it for me about staying in the West was that i really want to get in a s early as possible on Wednesday morning, and i understand from LOH and others that the queue is minimal from CVW?
  8. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Queue? What queue? Oh, that's a queue is it?

    Yeah, it's really not much at all as the gate is just for CVW and CVW is only two fields! I genuinely have no recollection of queueing on Wednesday mornings, although I imagine we did for a few minutes. To be fair though, getting up early is not one of our great strengths, so I suspect we're not the best people to advise on getting in early! Still, logic dictates, smaller field and no one else using the gate = shorter queue!

    As for the walk in, it is a bit of a trek, but looking at the map the distance from the wrong end of CVW to the Park is not disimilar to the distance from the wrong end of CVE to the Theatre field.
  9. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    We've always been waiting for the gates to open at 8 in west, some people have friends camp overnight with them and then go through to set up so last year I think we waiting about 15 minutes to get in, still better than an hour or two though!
  10. Lou

    Lou Member

    Got the email!

    "Your Tickets were despatched on Tuesday 31st May 2016"

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  11. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Phew. I was about to post on the Glastonbury Liftshare forum...
  12. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    hmmmm I will be interested in where the van gets placed ;););):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  13. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    :( grumble :(
  14. Lou

    Lou Member

    My ticket is here! :bdance:
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  15. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

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  16. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    Hahahahahahah. Made you look

    Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided.

    May 27th last year we got ours
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  17. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I just noticed this thread was updated! WOW, not long to go now,

    I see my post above from a year ago I still hadn't even got the email by May 31st.

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