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Tickets haven't arrived

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Inastate, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Inastate

    Inastate New Member

    Ello people,

    I am yet to receive my tickets for Glastonbury 2011, but my mate reckons he received his a few weeks back.

    This is the delivery status on seetickets:

    Delivery status as of 31/05/2011 11:24:58 - Tickets packed and will be despatched over the next few days

    Tickets have been sent to our secure courier on 27 May 2011. They will typically deliver your order within one week of receiving it.


    Have people received their tickets and if so, were they delivered by royal mail or a special courier? Also, when, and do they replace missing tickets?

    Thanks a lot everybody - got travel to book today but a bit unsure about doing so now.
  2. Loubella_2211

    Loubella_2211 New Member

    Me too, youre not alone :-( aprat from ours saying they were dispatched on the 11th May Eeek
  3. char40too

    char40too Virgin no more

    Mine says dispatched 9th May!!!!!!!

    Not worried though ;) Says on DX they will be delivered by 10th June and received another email from SEE Tickets about "the sheer volume of tickets etc.etc. blah blah" :mad:

    JUST SEND ME MY TICKET (perhaps I am a bit worried :$)

    JUNE IS HERE!!! :bdance::beer::bdance:
  4. SarahO

    SarahO Member

    Ours haven't arrived yet either. :mad: You are not alone!:facepalm:
  5. laurakd

    laurakd New Member

    Mine havent arrived either . Have just checked on see tickets and it states that tickets were returned by courier to see tickets yesterday!? Whats goin on?? My friends who have booked separately have also had the same message:O
  6. Inastate

    Inastate New Member

    Mine came the other day.
  7. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    So DX have known they had 100,000+ tickets to deliver since they got the gig, months (years?) ago. They've had the addresses since October. They've had a huge delivery window. And they haven't been able to cope? Seriously? :facepalm:

    DX, shame on you. :spank:
    GFL, it might be time to investigate other delivery methods.
    Government, you want to privatise the postal service, eh? :facepalm:

    And I might add, 100,000+ deliveries in a month time slot is a ridiculously small number for a major postal company. It's nothing. Failure to achieve this modest task is a clear advertisement stating that DX are not up to the task, imho.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  8. kit

    kit Member

    It happens every time they use them, when will they learn Royal Mail are the most reliable?
  9. Bath Time

    Bath Time New Member

    DX probably would have better if they taught their couriers to use a doorbell. To save attempting the same delivery more than once when there was no need.

    Although this problem is not exclusive to DX couriers as last week was having something delivered by DHL and they just posted the unable to deliver card but luckily I happened to look out my window and see them.
  10. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    i think dx have 7-8 depo nation wide, i it seems the liverpool depo couldnt find the wirral for example,over in yorkshire they were very good,even delivering on sunday and bank holiday monday.
    i do think they should either go back to royal mail or try some one a little bigger, Apc maybe:-|

    as for your DHL delivery :whistle::whistle::whistle: Yes i drive for them, but dont do many private house :zip
    ive never seen the point off getting to an adress and just carding someone, if your there deliver it
  11. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Oh it's very common and has happened to me twice, fortunately not for Glasto tickets. Both times I've been sat on my sofa, have seen someone walk towards the front door, which is in my sitting room five feet away from me, and watched as they put a "You weren't in" card straight through the letter box! They must sit in their vans writing out the cards. It's almost certainly because they have delivery targets and selfish people like me who live on the third floor get in the way of them. Scandalous. :spank:
  12. tubs89

    tubs89 Lets make history!!!

    yeah, we use DHL/Yodel (same thing now as Yodel took it over) in work, and I cant tell you how much trouble we have with them...
  13. kit

    kit Member

    The reason they do it is they get paid twice for the second delivery.

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