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Thursday meet

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by Julie, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Julie

    Julie Glasto manic

    Hi just wondering if it's ok for me to come to the meet on Thursday x
  2. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Of course it is! The more the merrier (and given the proxinity of the meet to the Brothers Bar, that is definitely true!)

    See you there! :bdance:

    SPTFRE New Member

    Always a highlight of the festival!
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  4. stinkywitch

    stinkywitch Mrs Mashed Matt

    Just don't make the mistake we made the first meet up we went to.... Don't wander around hoping to recognise somebody, go up to every group and ask "is this the glastowatch meet? We missed out because we got a bit shy lol.
  5. Julie

    Julie Glasto manic

    Yes I'll do that might take me a few drinks to get a bit courage ha ha x
  6. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    yayyyyy will, after much soul searching, be there again this year, looking likely it will be post TWFTPU again, but I will make it :p looking forward to seeing Mrs Bee and the gang again :cool:
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2016
  7. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    Last year I very kindly offered to meet a couple of friends in the carpark with my trolley to give them a hand in with their gear on the Thursday afternoon. She had had a serious back injury and was advised not to come, but being a Glasto fanatic I understood why she did. Also her boyfriend was quite ill and had to take it easy as well. Two of us went out to the east carparks with two trolleys, on the way back one of the trolleys broke - nightmare! Long story short I missed all of Thursday after noon. Never again.

    This year I plan to to see as many members of this board as I can and get very merrily pie faced.
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  8. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    So this thread has also been quiet........ Is Mrs Bee not around this year? who will be at WH Thursday afternoon?

  9. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    Will be there :cool: can wait, just hope I don't get to fcked cause we going to the GlastonBowie sing song after o_Oo_O:beer:
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  10. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    well I think I am supposed to start at the TWFTPU and then on to WH and then Glastonbowie, and then finally the Glasto girls meet at the Bimble Inn............

    Thursday seems to have become a crazy day.............
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  11. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    WH then Glasto Bowie, seems like a great plan
  12. Davie_boy_lee

    Davie_boy_lee Member

    Aiming to behave at WH meet this year to enjoy/remember GlastonBowie. Luckily @SPTFRE will make sure this happens.
  13. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    I don't remember any misbehaving last year......... but then we arrived about 3ish I think so maybe missed the misbehavior
  14. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I aim to misbehave ;)
  15. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    We couldn't go last year :-(
  16. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    All being well, we should be there!
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  17. GemmaT

    GemmaT No longer a Glasto Virgin

    +1 ! Bowie sing along is going to be fun!:eek::):beer:
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  18. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    Hi all, things have been a bit hectic for us recently as we are having major work done to our house so a bit delayed with the Glastonbury enthusiasm and very little time to lurk on forums. Whilst I was away the forum has got all shiny and new.....ooooh!

    Tickets have arrived (woopwoop) and we will hopefully be at the meet on Thursday 2pm this year, is my bee windsock (see avatar) required for recognition?? It is always a bit difficult to find forum folk amongst the twisto peeps so I will happily bring it along again if necessary. If there is a thread elsewhere relating to forum meet could someone point it out and I will repost there?!?!
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  19. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Mrs Bee! Woo hoo! :clap: We were beginning to wonder what had happened to you!

    We'll be there and we always keep wandering around until we find familiar faces so we'll find you!

    Two weeks and one day from now! :D
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  20. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I don't know any face here really, so I will be looking out for your windsock Mrs B. :)

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