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They're working on the webcam

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by GlastoWatch, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    The Park Stage is up.

  2. Courchene

    Courchene Member

  3. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I do believe thats the view from Wickedfaire's back garden. What a lucky girl :)
  4. Spike

    Spike Member

    Tracway installed between stage Road (rear of pyramid), and the other stage, which is also being started to build.
  5. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

  6. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    arhh :'(

    Every time I see this thread has been updated, I hope against hope the cam is up,

    oh well,

    all good things come to those who wait :)
  7. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Been looking through some of the Panomax images, and there are some amazing pictures there, updated regularly with the ability to go back through previous shots (http://schafberg.panomax.com/ click on the left and right arrows around the time at the bottom). If this is the webcam we get this year, it's going to be awesome!
  8. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    I had it too until this morning, when Windows forced a reboot so it could update. :(
  9. Spike

    Spike Member

    yep, my computer keeps asking for a restart, but i'll loose image if so!
  10. Ferret

    Ferret 6th time in Camp Triangle in 2017

    i think it is such a disappointment that the Eavii's have sold off half their farm to big industry - i know the dairy market is floundering right now but swaves of countryside destroyed .... and how are they going to fit the John Peel tent around the tenement buildings :(
  11. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    Still patiently waiting....
  12. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Yes, but it looks as though there is now the potential for opening a ski resort in winter, that'll be nice. Glastonbury could become like the Olympics, with Summer and Winter versions

  13. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

  14. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy Soon to be 8 timer

    Good spot:)

    But i have one question - why don't they point it down a bit? half the frame is sky and clouds and when you pan round we must be missing quite a lot of images / activity nearer to the camera's location? or am i missing something?
  15. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    its the BBC ' they will have set up a whole committee ' and jokers who have never been will have guided them - its a missed opportunity ' we all know what the sky looks like '

    at least we can remove the so called hotspots.
  16. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet


    I like the Best Shots option. Nice sunset building up in there.

    Agree about the sky, does seem an odd angle to have it at. And it could scan a little further to the left. But it's a lovely thing, especially on Full Screen!

    Am I missing something or are the other stages mentioned just not up yet?
  17. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy Soon to be 8 timer

    well i've used my license payers rights and sent a feedback wbform to the BBC. Thanked them and said how much we like it but we love it to be down a little!;) It only took a minute to do so is more people did it MIGHT have an affect, either that or i'll have to get hold of some live line rods and give it a little assist in pointing down at some point:)
  18. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    the fence has been spotted { not the track they drove on that some people thought was the fence } going up so the stages will not be long.

    Now how true this part is ' I cant say ' - the stages go up depending on what jobs the local company has on hence why some years they are built far sooner than other years - it will all get done - have faith.
  19. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    Is anyone else having problems viewing the webcam on an iPad? Or is it just me?
  20. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    ooh, I'll try it on my wife's ipad next, then on my (oh so superior) Sony Android tablet.

    But first, do you reckon Strummerville (bubbled) will be in that thicket of trees at the top of King Meadow - Sacred Space?

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