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Stolen Ticket, is there anything I can do?

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by Prang91, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Prang91

    Prang91 New Member


    I have had an absolute shocker and someone has stolen my Glastonbury ticket from my drawer at work. Obviously I thought this was completely safe so left it there and we're now in the process of trying to catch the thief by looking at CCTV footage.

    The problem is that Seetickets have said there is nothing I can do and I can't go to the festival. I am absolutely gutted, I have been waiting for this all year.

    Does anybody know of anything I can do. I've tried emailing Glastonbury themselves and still haven't have a response. I have all the ticket details and proof of purchase.

    If anyone has any idea what I can do I'd be eternally grateful.

  2. KarenEH

    KarenEH Member

    Think you've already done what you can really, God you must be furious as well as gutted! Hope they catch the thieving b****rd before the 22nd! Just a thought- is it worth contacting ebay in case someone tries to sell it through them? It'llget cancelled if they do though.
  3. stardustjunkie

    stardustjunkie 3rd time!

    Oh, that's awful :( I hope the CCTV shows who stole it. You really must be fuming. I'm sorry :( I really do hope you find the culprit, maybe if you do, you'll get it back? Good luck.
  4. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    Oh no, that's dreadful and there I was feeling sorry for myself because my tickets hadn't arrived yet but this is so horrible!! Really feel for you, hope they get the rotten thief.
  5. rickleach

    rickleach turn left at the womble

    Why can't Seetickets issue you with a duplicate?Your ticket is no use to anyone else cos of the photo-surely this sort of thing has happened before-what happens if someone genuinely loses their ticket or it gets accidently destroyed?
  6. rooroo

    rooroo Super 6th!

    sorry to hear about this, hope this is sorted soon....
  7. Prang91

    Prang91 New Member

    Thanks, I have been getting friends to answer ads for tickets to find out if my ticket is being sold somewhere. The reason Seetickets and Glastonbury won't let me in is because they say someone could sstill use the ticket to get in which kind of makes that whole registration and photo business seem a bit of a waste of time!

    I suppose they have to have a strict policy to avoid overcrowding but that doesn't help me much. I'm not giving up yet though.
  8. tort

    tort Highly Polished

    Officially any tickets that are lost or stolen can't be replaced so it's not surprising that is the line that See Tickets are taking. However all is not lost and a personal email to Dick Vernon (Manager at the festival office) may do the trick. Give it a go & Fingers X'd

  9. Holesey

    Holesey Glasto Caution 'Wet Tent'

    Shocking news! sorry to hear about this and good luck!
  10. Mart44

    Mart44 Member

    Very very sorry to hear this. Devastated for you. Good Luck
  11. Prang91

    Prang91 New Member

    Thanks for that. I have just emailed him. Hopefully it'll work!
  12. intensify

    intensify Ramalamadingdong

    Good luck with this. Do you work with a large team? Maybe phone the police as well!
  13. intensify

    intensify Ramalamadingdong

    Oh and I know it may sound silly but I tweeted Emily Eavis on a question and she got back to me, worth a try and I doubt you will get any higher than her to respond (thats if she has time)
  14. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    What an absolute sh*t. Hope they catch the culprit. I would definately report to the police. Good luck.
  15. Prang91

    Prang91 New Member

    Haha, yeah I have tried tweeting Emily Eavis!! No reply, I reckon she might be busy.

    The team I work with is quite small, I'm considering involving the police but they'll probably just take the details and give me a crime number. Still waiting for security to go through the CCTV etc
  16. intensify

    intensify Ramalamadingdong

    at least a crime number would prove it to seetickets etc
  17. Prang91

    Prang91 New Member

    Yeah, will do that once I see what they guy from security has got on film. Seetickets won't help me at all though, they just said no re-issues at all. Hopefully I can use the crime number if I get in contact with someone at the festival itself.
  18. poopgirl

    poopgirl Glasto Vet

    This is awful, I really hope that you manage to sort something out. Do keep us updated.
  19. acidliam

    acidliam Member

    Deffos involve the police it might suddenly turn up in your drawer again.
  20. Prang91

    Prang91 New Member

    Yes, it looks like involving the police will be a good idea. I contacted Gumtree and asked them to let me know of any adverts selling male glastonbury tickets. They said only the police can request that sort of info so I'm going to go down the police station and report it.

    How ironic, the police used to be the ones keeping people out of Glastonbury...

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