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Stolen/ lost tickets- please somebody advise!

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Grace Beddow, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Grace Beddow

    Grace Beddow New Member

    Hi everyone, I had my tickets sent on to me to my new address (first class, recorded, tracked delivery) and long story short, the Royal Mail have lost them/ cannot locate them. Does anyone have any ideas of who I can try contacting for some help/ compassion? See Tickets and Glastonbury directly have both been totally unhelpful, simply stating they don't replace lost or stolen tickets.

    I'm getting so desperate now. I have a police crime number (the police deemed it as theft - intercepted post). I know people in the past emailed Dick Vernon from Glasto and he offered help, but he has retired.

    How can victims of crime be held responsible? All I want is go to Glastonbury next week :(

    Any suggestions/ stories you could share, I'd be eternally grateful- literally losing sleep over this!
  2. exstockwellgooner

    exstockwellgooner Glasto Vet

    check out the questions section on the efests site. Someone with an almost identical scenario and they have it sorted and are picking up tickets from the festival when they arrive.
    Hope this helps.

    Good luck
  3. Grace Beddow

    Grace Beddow New Member

    Hi, thank you so much for the response. Could you possibly send me a link to this thread? It would be amazing to find out how someone else got a similar situation sorted out! Thanks in advance!
  4. exstockwellgooner

    exstockwellgooner Glasto Vet

    Please check the second page of the thread on efests you posted on earlier.
    In summary your contract is with see tickets. They have not provided you with the tickets. They cannot blame Royal Mail. RM are responsible ST are accountable.
  5. Grace Beddow

    Grace Beddow New Member

    Yes I know where you mean now. Maybe I didn't explain it clearly but what I mean is that the tickets were delivered successfully to a property in Hull (parents house), who sent them on to me in London (Tracked signed for recorded Royal Mail) and somehow Royal Mail have lost them. I've contacted the police who have provided me with a crime number and deemed it 'theft- interception of post'. But See Tickets and glasto say they won't help. I know it isn't their responsibility technically speaking, but it is not my fault- I couldn't have done anything differently and have been let down by the Royal Mail. I can prove all of this obvisouly. Getting desperate now The point is that I've paid in full for these tickets and they have gone missing through no fault of my own. Any more suggestions would be welcomed! Thank you
  6. Martin1

    Martin1 Member

    Your contract is with the Royal Mail now then see tickets have no liability.

    Unfortunately the tickets are only insured with RM not a guarantee to find them. Try tweeting on the RM page and making a nuisance of yourself, they normally don't like that sort of thing and may be more inclined to actually do something to help you!
  7. ArquitHector

    ArquitHector New Member

    Hi Grace,

    I'm from Mexico, last year I was in a similar situation. It was the weekend before Glastonbury and I had not received my ticket, but it wasn't lost or stolen, it's just that once the ticket arrived to Mexico it was handled by the mexican post service which is really, really slow. It arrived once I had taken my flight to the UK. So I sent a mail to SeeTickets Customer Care (customercare@seetickets.com), I even called them, explained the situation and they issued me an alternative accreditation that I had to collect from the International Ticket Cabin, at the Pedestrian Gate A. All they asked me was to show a valid photo id.

    Your situation looks more serious, I really hope you get your ticket. Good luck!

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