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Shelter workers

Discussion in 'Workers' Camp Fire' started by Jarvisma, May 19, 2014.

  1. Jarvisma

    Jarvisma New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm working the avalon bars with shelter this year but it's just a friend and I going and we don't know anyone else! Is anyone else here working with shelter this year? Would be great to have a big meet and drinks on the tues before the hard work begins!
  2. Mikey H

    Mikey H New Member

    Shelter bar workers

    I'm working for shelter as bar staff, worked last year too it was great. On my own this year yeah it would be good to meet up for a drink on the Wednesday. I worked stonebridge and have asked to work there again.
  3. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    There is many workers who will not have access to your Crew area but there is one main bar open on the Tuesday between 5pm and 2am - The Bread and Roses which is between the Pyramid and Other stage { the east road connecting the two very near the Leftfield and Bandstand } open to anyone who has onsite access and it has a large garden at the back with tables .

  4. akicif

    akicif Member

    Wish I'd known that in 2007/8!

    (In 2007 we managed a couple of pints from a kindly gentleman at the cider bus before he was told the license hadn't started yet, but in 2008 we were less lucky)
    Last edited: May 21, 2014
  5. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    That bar is also open on the Sunday 22/6 and Monday 23/6 { same times } - I suspect than many who are working there would use the short cut to the Pyramid Stage so missing it all together.

    Last Year it was bloody busy { compared to 2011 } so I reckon the word is out - its all Bar Managers who work there { on the Sunday/Monday/Tuesday } so as I know most of them I don't have to queue up { its not clear if its because they like me or more likely they don't want to queue up at the Crew Bar where I work } - it may be very busy this year due to the football as they have a few screens hanging inside.{ cant stand it myself so we will be sitting on the outside}
  6. Errin

    Errin New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm working for Shelter too, first time. I am on my own as well so tuesday drinks would be great to all meet!

    And thanks for the Bar info- that's great!
  7. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    Avalon will have their own Crew bar in the main Mess Tent although it may be restricted Hours on the Tuesday - I know the person who runs it so if the hours are 6pm to Midnight { it may be other times } - she does mean on the dot at Midnight - the times may be sent out in advance or they may be displayed within the Mess Tent - first job is to check the times - if you cant see it then ask.
  8. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    though my contacts I have some info about Avalon/shelter volunteers


    Registration for volunteers who have worked with them before is 10am on Friday 13 February

    Registration for volunteers who have Not worked with them before is 10am on Monday 16 February

    they are estimating ' all the places will be gone within one hour '

    its a ?300 deposit this year

    Shift patterns will vary this year. it will either be three eight-hour shifts, four six-hour shifts or six split shifts in blocks of four hours. And the maximum number of days you may work is four.
  9. PaddyClark

    PaddyClark New Member

    1st Time Working

    1st time at Glastonbury last year.... why did I wait so long....

    No tickets but working with Shelter wooohoooo
  10. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    will send you a private PM shortly
  11. gwynnie

    gwynnie New Member

    i'm working for the first time this year aswell!
  12. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    make sure you go to the Shelter/Avalon training day as they may drop you if you miss it .

    I know people who tried to skip it and they could prove they had WBC Bar festival experience { the people who set up Avalon all used to work for the WBC } but they still had to go and it was repeating all they already knew - sure its a pain but its well worth it.
  13. PaddyClark

    PaddyClark New Member

    Glastoworker do you have any idea when the training day is, not heard owt yet.
  14. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    sorry I would not have a clue all the people I know are already what is called ' Avalon accredited ' so they don't have to attend a training day so therefor would also not have a clue either .

    Don't worry - if they want you to attend a training day its likely it will be next month - its only a three hour session and as far as I am aware they are held over a few dates.

    it will all come out in the wash.
  15. banhkemsua7

    banhkemsua7 New Member

  16. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    well that was a very informative post - I am overawed by your knowledge - stops posting Spam and go away and Never come back.

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