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See Coaches Departure Times

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Emmald, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. Emmald

    Emmald New Member


    I've have emailed seetickets to see when they 'roughly' announce departure times so I can let my employer know if I need the tues night shift off.

    Seetickets replied saying 'coach times have yet to be announced'

    No Shit.... Stating the obvious but I meant late April? May? Even as late as June!
    So they were no help.

    So does anyone know from memory of previous years when coach times are annouced for see coaches only.

    I've only ever driven to the festival all previous years but couldn't be online for the general sale so bought coach instead....

  2. brada

    brada New Member

    i asked them the same question from brum on the Thursday and they asked if id like to have my name put forward for the 530am pick up so i said yes but im still none the wiser and need to book a hotel if leaving so early so itys a waiting game keep checking ur order on see tickets as it will be added to that b4 u have the email
  3. Emmald

    Emmald New Member

    They didn't give me that option but not sure how many coaches leave from Sheffield to be fair.

    Have you gone on the coach before?
  4. brada

    brada New Member

    yes in 2014 and there was 4 coaches at each pick up i think but only too pick up times ive just emailed again as paid balance so maybe they can confirm
  5. Emmald

    Emmald New Member

    Great let me know what they say if it's any more useful than their last reply to me
  6. Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor Glasto lover ❤️

    Hi guys, I have a few coach questions for a friend who is a first time coach user.

    Can you tell me where exactly the Birmingham coach departs from?

    Also what times are usually available for the Wednesday departures from Brum?

    And finally what are the usual options for return times on the Monday?

    (I appreciate he won't get to choose his times but wondered what the possibilities are)
  7. brada

    brada New Member

    The departure point is Paradise Circus Queensway, Coach bays at the side of Birmingham Town Hall, B1 2BJ.
    u get allocated times nk on monday but there will be loads of space on the coaches i reckon as alot of people will get lifts back i dont no times for the wens but guess they will be similar
  8. Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor Glasto lover ❤️

    Thanks Brada xx
  9. emmam

    emmam New Member

    Anyone know what the address to get bus from Bristol is? Thanks

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