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NEWS See, 2017 will be a better year – Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff could be playing Glastonbury

Discussion in 'Glastonbury Festival News' started by Metro, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Metro

    Metro New Member

    by Katie Baillie

    Glasto for Will and Jazzy Jeff (Picture: Iris Honold/REX Shutterstock)

    2016 has been a year of bad news, and not least because there were rumours Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff were hitting the Glastonbury stage, and then it never happened.

    [​IMG]Sir Cliff Richard announces ten-date UK tour for 2017 — but will he make Glastonbury?
    Well thank goodness for 2017, because it looks like it’ll already be righting a few of the wrongs made by this godforsaken year.

    Yup – Glasto is headed for 90s heaven as Will and… Read the full story

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