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Please Give Us A Hand :D

Discussion in 'Chat' started by RickySSmith, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

    Hello lovely people

    Firstly - I hope this isn't deemed as naughty or inappropriate, if it is then I do apologise and will gladly remove it. However as a regular forum contributor I'd like to think that it is alright...

    Everybody on here is obviously a fan of Glastonbury, and loves live music, myself included - I lived in Canterbury Kent for 5/6 years and other than the 1 music club, and various dingy back-street pubs; there are no music venues! Absolutely shocking for a City with 3 universities and a massive student population.

    Myself and a friend have come up with a business idea for a coffee shop/acoustic music venue to showcase some of the amazing local talent that Canterbury has to offer, and offer them a place to perform. Being only 22 years old, start-up funding is an issue; so we have enetered a massive competition in order to try and win ?50k.

    The initial short-list is drawn up by a panel of judges, and then once the short-list has been created its down to the public vote who wins!

    It would be absolutely amazing if you could all "like" our Facebook page, and "follow" us on Twitter, and further details of the competition will be posted on there nearer to when it is time to vote (if we get shortlisted of course), Room 102 aims to be more than just a normal coffee shop or music venue, our aim is for it to become a real cultural hub and something that promotes, creates and celebrates local talent, so please just take 2 minutes and make a couple of clicks and make our dreams come true :D

    Twitter - @room102uk
    Facebook - facebook.com/room102canterbury
    Website - under development

    Thank you all tons and tons in advance :)
  2. exstockwellgooner

    exstockwellgooner Glasto Vet


    Happy to support-think it is a good idea.

    Have tried searching on FB using all differing combinations of room102canterbury and can't find the page.

    Can you post the full link??

    Good Luck
  3. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

  4. stinkywitch

    stinkywitch Mrs Mashed Matt

    Happy to support you. :)
  5. Glasto oldie

    Glasto oldie Going for three in a row!

    You have my support too.

    Good luck:)
  6. Mart44

    Mart44 Member

    And mine :)
  7. jmb0211

    jmb0211 No longer a Virgin!


    Me Too!! :D x
  8. Pindaska

    Pindaska New Member

    Mine as well :D
  9. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    and me :bdance:
  10. glastomad

    glastomad Glasto Youth

    count me tooo :D
  11. char40too

    char40too Virgin no more

    Haven't got facebook or twitter :$ (I'm so not "with it") But I'll get my daughter to support you through facebook and once your website is sorted i'll be there! :)

    Roll on June :D
  12. akicif

    akicif Member

  13. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

    Ah you are all so amazing :D

    Thank you so much.. was in Canterbury all weekend making a video to explain more about Room 102 which will be posted on the FB and Twitter as soon as its on the computer and edited!

    Thanks again, you really are awesome!
  14. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

    Well the video that was recorded in Canterbury all went a bit tits up! (DAMN YOU MINI DV CAMERA!)

    So here is plan B, but it should give you a better idea of what we are planning to do...


    Feel free to spread it around and post it wherever you like :D


  15. akicif

    akicif Member

    Looks like a totally brilliant idea! The only thing is that these these days licensing videos/DVDs for public performance is scarily expensive....
  16. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

    Thanks :D

    And yeah you would have thought it would be really expensive, but there is a specific licence that you can get which allows you to show an unlimited amount of films per year for a set fee - as long as you don't charge entry. And it's really not that much, its based on foot-flow through your establishment.

    If it brings people through the door then its totally worth it!

    ooh exciting times today as well - WEBSITE is online :D:D:D
    Check it out here - www.room-102.co.uk
  17. akicif

    akicif Member

    Fantastic! Sort of like a visual version of a music license....

    Do you think there'll ever be Room 102 branches/franchises anywhere else?
  18. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

    Basically yeah :)

    And I don't know, I would hope there would be yeah... It would need to be the right location though - London wouldn't work as there are far too many places to go already, perhaps somewhere like Brighton would work quite well, university towns would be best. It depends how well things go in Canterbury - but I'd imagine it would be a couple of years from now before we can even think about setting up somewhere else.

    I definitely wouldn't want to let anybody else open a franchise though, if its going to happen it'll be us doing it again, bit of a control freak haha :$
  19. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

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