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Planned arrival times?

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by CircusMark, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. CircusMark

    CircusMark Six years and counting

    Hi again all -my first post for a couple of years.

    This will be the first Glasto that I wont be driving to myself and will be relying on a friend for a lift. Lovely for the sleepy journey home but not great on Wednesday morn for a control freak like myself. I?m worried we wont be leaving first thing like I usually do. What time are people planning on arriving? Basically, how far back in that joyous queue will I be?

  2. Pork_Pie

    Pork_Pie New Member

    Well it depends on where you want to camp.

    This is the first year that I won't be with my usual crew, we arrive at 4am to get a spot in big ground.

    This year I don't know where I'm camping so I'm hoping to let the queue go down so I can walk right in, I've heard from 1pm there's hardly a queue.

    People are arriving earlier as each year goes by.
  3. ollie_90

    ollie_90 New Member

    aiming for 2am and then a kip in the line if its dry.

    If its not, then will have to have a re-think
  4. akicif

    akicif Member

    Arriving at Ashcombe Farm camp site on the Tuesday evening, heading for the queue to Gate D some time in the early morning....
  5. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    We're staying in a campsite a few miles from Pilton for a couple of nights beforehand so we'll be hitting Campervan West on Tuesday afternoon, arriving in a convoy of 3 campervans and one caravan!

    Oh my, this time next week we'll be on site...

    It's time to start the "this time next week" conversations!! :bdance:
  6. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    Yay! We're also in CV west and plan to arrive Wednesday at midday (earlier if allowed) :)
  7. TrolleyDolly

    TrolleyDolly Glastolover

    The plan is:Tues, Meeting at Pecking Mill Inn,our home for one night (2 miles from Worthy Farm) at various times from around 3pm onwards,have some pub grub and a few drinks and chatter about how excited we all are/who we want to see etc,go to bed,up by 4.30,leave by 5 and hopefully:x= arrive at yellow carpark 15 mins later then load up and go in through PGA.well,that was also the plan last year but the 'few drinks' and 'early night bit didn't quite work out as I seem to remember doing shots with the landlord around 2am and us scurrying around in a daze 3 hours later after hardly any sleep! Despite that we were only 30 mins out on our timing and we got a great camping spot so hope for the same this year (maybe without the sambucca!:-|)
  8. ArquitHector

    ArquitHector New Member

    I'm traveling from Mexico, I could only get the ticket + coach package. But my coach departs at 15:00 from London (O2 Arena). Do you know what time I'm going to be arriving there? I don't know where I am camping, any recommendation considering my arrival time?

    Also, I'm traveling alone and because of the baggage weight limit in the airplane to London I prefer to pre-order a tent and camping stuff at Cosy Camper, ?do you know where are they located?

    It's my first Glastonbury, I'm afraid that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, I hope someone can help me :)

    Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Pork_Pie

    Pork_Pie New Member


    I think you'll be arriving at about 6pm-7pm. Probably by that time the easiest places to camp would be in the North West or South West of the site.

    No idea where the cosy camper would be.

    I would recommend putting all your luggage straight in the nearest lockup tent, go find cosy camper - then you can find a place to camp without carrying all your luggage around, once your tent is up - go back to the lockup for your luggage.
  10. CircusMark

    CircusMark Six years and counting

    There are two Cosy Camper stalls. One in Silver Hayes and one by the John Peel stage. I'd follow Pork-Pie's good advise and drop your luggage off once you arrive, it'll make finding a camping spot much easier.

    Hope you have a great first Glasto - it won't be your last.:D
  11. TrolleyDolly

    TrolleyDolly Glastolover

    Hi, if you are arriving by coach from London I think you should get to the festival between 18-1900 (6-7pm) and the nearest gate to walk in is very close (pedestrian gate A) then when you go through the gate there is a very good campsite called DARBLE where we stayed last year and will be this time too hopefully.The John Peel stage I'd close to this campsite and the Cozy Camper as well as the lock up to leave your valuable things (the lock ups are free) If you want to send me a private message with your email and phone number I would be happy to give you advice if you need it.Good luck.
  12. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    The lockups idea is a really good one. It'll mean you can relax and get yourself sorted out. The lockups are 24 hour and really safe, we use them every year for our valuables. You really can trust them! There are lots of stewards around and they are very helpful and friendly and they'll point you in the right direction.

    Have a wonderful festival!
  13. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I'll be arriving late Tuesday afternoon early evening, parking in Ashcombe Park and having a few drinks there if it's open. If it's closed will go into town to the Riflemans.

    I'll then be queuing overnight. I know to some people that sounds horrific, but once you get settled in near the front, the chairs and cans come out. Lots of people in an excellent mood swapping Glasto tales. Of course we're well prepared if it rains.

    There are a few of us that bring more of a few tents to set up in our favourite spot.

    Maybe see some of you in the Apple Tree if it's open

    > WARNING picture of my ugly mug - look out for the beard and glasses <
  14. akicif

    akicif Member

    Couldn't find one of me with a mug, so here's me with a cardboard cup of cider:

  15. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I so recognise you akicif, how could I forget, but I have. I'm sure we must have chatted before at G one year. Hope to see you either at the Apple Tree or cider bus :)
  16. acidliam

    acidliam Member

    Dropping a mate off in Bristol tuesday night/wednesday mornig whos getting a coach then hedding back over to the west and down to get to gate D early enough to queue. Last time I got a bit carried away and had a cheeky half in the queue and proceeded to sweat all the way to pennard.
  17. Martin F

    Martin F Oxfam steward since 2005

    Early Tuesday morning... Late for me, but other work got in the way.
  18. Dirkthemerc

    Dirkthemerc In The Woods

    Hopefully tomorrow (Monday) around 4ish. That's if we get it together to leave around 10ish......
  19. HugiCarlone

    HugiCarlone New Member

    LOL - no such thing as a cheeky half!:facepalm:
  20. john561791

    john561791 Member

    We are all packed... hook up caravan tomorrow at 08:00... and on our way down. Have a good one all!

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