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Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by GlastoWatch, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    HyHab have gone leaving 3,000 stranded.

  2. exstockwellgooner

    exstockwellgooner Glasto Vet

    Wow-stayed with them last year and apart from the usual moans and groans they seemed pretty switched on and straight up-hope everyone gets their money back.
  3. RickySSmith

    RickySSmith Happy Camper!

    Massive Kudos to Eavis and the rest of the festival crew though, for stepping in and providing accommodation and a bar for affected people, I recon most of the other festivals would have just gone "ah well, sorry, not our problem"

    I do hope everyone involved does get some sort of refund though, really sucks!
  4. al_coholic

    al_coholic 8th Glasto this year

    NFC of money back, but at least GFL have stepped in to save us. They are covering the Myhab bookings with Green Tent Company who are providing 3 man tents, Bar, Catering, Showers & toilets as well as the same car park. Thats all we know at the moment
  5. exstockwellgooner

    exstockwellgooner Glasto Vet

    Sorry to hear you have been stung-apparently MH were also trying to get people to prepay for beer tokens and scammed punters for money that way as well.
  6. mifftas

    mifftas glasto seconder

  7. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

    Hang tight here a minute.... the charities that the festival supports may be out of pocket to accommodate 3,000 people who decided they couldn't live like the rest of us at the festival... :mad: I've never been a fan of higher class accommodation at Glasto and all those people could just buy a tent like the rest of us and camp like the rest of us. :(
  8. al_coholic

    al_coholic 8th Glasto this year

    Thanks for your support!!!

    Many of us have already decided to try and claim our money back from Myhab although we know that it will be very difficult. If we get anything back we will donate to one of the festivals supported charities.
  9. Piston Broke

    Piston Broke Not a virgin.

    Read this last night at about midnight, this is really bad:(

    Not using Myhab myself, but friends are. Just phoned them and told them, they thought I was joking!

    I wonder how many other customers of Myhab don't know...

    One good thing may come of it, my friends may now camp with me. Last time we met they said it might be fun to camp with me and my gang.:bdance:

    Hope this is all sorted with a possitive conclusion.

    Andy B.
  10. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

    That is because with the exception of you successfully getting your money back, you don't have my support.

    I see no reason why a fraction of my ticket price should be used to bail out a bunch of people who decided they couldn't do Glastonbury like a normal person, couldn't pitch a tent and needed their own special loos, bar and catering. Its not like you were all stranded without an obvious solution. Go and buy a tent, park with the rest of us, camp with the rest of us and use the same loos, bars and food stalls as the rest of us.

    In summary I do wish you all the best in getting your money back from MyHab but see no reason for Glastonbury to support any camping at Pennard Hill Farm.
  11. char40too

    char40too Virgin no more

    Oh no - I AM STAYING THERE!!!!

    Lucky we had gone for a Tent anyway and not the Myhab. Will try my hardest to get money back and 100% donate to Glasto charities! (even if i dont get money back i will donate some at least :))

    Michael Eavis is a saint and this will not put a dampner on my festival!
  12. You are obviously entitled to your opinion and I see your point of view but imho, Glastonbury is for everyone, and different people do it in different ways.

    There are many, me included, who would never think of doing Glasto in anything other than a tent in amongst it all. But that doesn't mean all those that do campervans, stay at local B&Bs, live it up in the Tipi Fields or choose to pay out lots of their hard-earned for a bit of luxury shouldn't be part of the festivities.

    I say huge credit goes to GfL for stepping in and trying to accommodate those who have lost out through no fault of their own. I also suspect that the Festival and the supported charities will not lose out; Michael Eavis is a very persuasive man ...
  13. YCFC

    YCFC Nowt like Glasto

    You're joking, right?

    Regardless of your opinion, that seems to indicate that anyone who decides not to stay in a tent directly on-site are some kind of scum, can you please explain how any of this is their fault? Did they hold Glastonbury to ransom and make them 'bail them out'? No. It was Eavis' decision. End of argument.

    I might add that seeing as there are people staying off site, that that means less toilets are required on site, less stewards etc etc so in effect they save the festival money and, as a consequence, increase the money that goes to charity.

    Perhaps you think that all stewards and volunteers should pay for their tickets, so more can go to charity, after all why can't they pay like the rest of us?!...

    You're welcome and entitled to your opinion but I feel it is very misguided and frankly an insult to anyone who freely chooses not to 'slum' it with the masses. Your argument just doesn't stack up. Are we going to start having a go at all those 'snobs' who own houses rather than being put up by the council?!

    Best of luck to all the unfortunate people affected by MyHab's abhorrent decision.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  14. tonyrockyhorror

    tonyrockyhorror New Member

    Presumably it's for reasons like this that the Eavises come across as genuinely decent human beings, and you come across as a bit of a tw*t.

    I wonder how Glasto would have turned out if it were run by you?
  15. YCFC

    YCFC Nowt like Glasto

    Absolutely Tony.

    Clearly Micheal Eavis would not have made this decision if it was to the deterement of the festivals charitable causes.

    In addition, I haven't seen one person who booked through MyHab saying that they aren't prepared to camp like the masses, so any criticism of them is ridiculous (not that it would be justified even if they weren't). So they wanted to treat themselves to a more unique and comfortable festival experience - it's not for me but good for them!

    Seems like maclauk is angry that he has to camp and shit in a pit. Don't attend then.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  16. katwinders

    katwinders katwinders



    I've just spoken to the people at the green tent company, they are providing showers but only twelve of them so there's going to be a bit of a queue!!!

    Wet wipes are your friend I think

  17. fireballxlarge

    fireballxlarge never too old for ...

    Hear Hear YCFC,

    Chill McLauk, let people do what they want to do, my wife refuses to come to Glasto due to the camping, her loss not mine, so something like Myhab would be useful,

    different people different strokes (whatcha talking about willis)
  18. MartC78

    MartC78 Member

    Personally think anger should be directed at myhab for not informing anybody til 4 days before people leave.
  19. char40too

    char40too Virgin no more

    Yeah I must admit I had a bit of a shock when my friend told me this morning :O Thanks to all you lovely people for your support :)

    The main reason we choose something like Myhab was because none of us (6 going, 3 couples) could leave until Thursday afternoon and I think we would have been hard pressed to find anywhere to camp together (ok I do like to shower off too :$)

    Never mind - everybody's free to their own opinion - I will certainly have a BALL!!! :bdance::clap:
  20. AuraUK

    AuraUK New Member

    I'm really glad ME has stepped in and done more than could be expected to get us tents and some facilities. I'm in the middle of doing a chargeback against myhab for their rather fraudulent activity and will happily put this back to any charitable costs incurred by Glasto in stepping in to help us out.

    This was pretty depressing as the first site we booked at went into liquidation and still in the process of getting our money back. We looked at Myhab after that since we don't have a tent and didn't want to buy one just to use once or twice a year. And now this. Though myhab haven't folded by the looks of things - just 'regretfully' can't make it to Glastonbury this year. But still taking money off people for drinks tokens and other festivals (I hope anybody else at other festivals gets a bit more warning!)

    Anyway - cheers to Michael Eavis - yes we spent all our heard earned money on perhaps wanting to live a little more luxury for the one time we've been able to get Glastonbury tickets, so we really appreciate them stepping in to get some showers and tents and other facilities up at the site. Nobody affected by this demanded or asked ME to sort this out - it was just done on Friday and sounds like the Green Tent people are trying their best to put all those tents up and get some showers and toilets set up at short notice - so cheers to them too.

    Now we're going to have a great time. I'm sure we'll see some of you in the giant shower queue ;)

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