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Miss your coach no glasto ticket

Discussion in 'Questions' started by blauwwithart, May 21, 2014.

  1. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    After endless discussion with see tickets no sollution, miss you bus, no glasto ticket!

    I bought a coach package deal. And booked my first flight from main land europe to bristol. This arrives at 08.45u in the morning. My bus leaves at 9. So to bad, no bus means no ticket!! The reffer to terms and conditions, and no further sollutions....:mad::mad:
    Total ripp-off deals with hotels they have no doupt....
  2. prue

    prue Infotype

    Not so easy to understand why you booked that flight but maybe you can change it?
  3. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    I am traveling with 5 people from the netherlands to bristol, so this was my best option, if i wait until 30 days (when the coach times are known) then the plane could be full. See tickets say you have to be available that entire day, they even have the right to change the bus time at any moment. Or if your plane has an delay, your tickets will be gone..... They offer no sollution!!

    the first flight to arrive at bristol is 7.45 from polland and the next one is mine. If i can rebook i have to travel an day before, or even more days before...
  4. prue

    prue Infotype

    I know it's hard but I still think re-booking the flight is the best option.

    The rule about handing out tickets ON the coach has been definite and well-publicised for years. Basically it's the only way they sell a lot of coach tickets to ensure they are a green option and people actually use the coach.

    Bristol is a great city with loads of fun to be had. Enjoy a night exploring it!
  5. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    Amazing but if I could i would cancel glasto for this reason.
    Because even if i get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the bus - NO GLASTO ticket!
    I didn't pay $200 for a busride did I?
    Last years they send my tickets to my home adress. They offer no sollution! How ridgid can you be?
  6. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    For years yes..

    Not coming from the UK.. how on earth would I have know about this.
    I understand they are stuck to terms and conditions. But even so.. There are a lot of things that can happen on the way to the coach that can make you miss the coach... what happens then.. You are shit out of luck? Bye bye 200 pounds for glasto and go home and watch it on the tele...

    If it has been like this for years.. why is there no solution to this problem.

    Why is it not possible to state a timetable when you book the coach. Its not that they cant... it because they wont... There must be some money in it for them..

    Problably because seetickets has contract with hotels and such...

    If people can fly to the moon.. there should be a solution to this problem.

    Can't isn't a word in my dictonairy...
  7. prue

    prue Infotype

    I do sympathise with you but I remember on the booking page for coach tickets there was a note that tickets would be handed out on the coach - easy to miss in the rush ofcourse but the whole idea of the coach tickets has always been to cut down on private vehicles going to the festival and the way they do it is to ensure you have to be on the coach. Look at it from their way around.

    I've no idea what would happen if you did miss the coach - it'd be a mega hassle at the very least and you may well never see your festival ticket. Just chill a bit and consider your options then. Hope you make it.
  8. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member


    Hi Prue..

    Thank you for your replies.. And I assume you never had a problem with seetickets. Accepting that their organisation is a whole heap of crap maybe is your thing. But where I come from there is such a thing as customer service... Or maybe you have a money tree in your backyard.. Or something. I don't know. No offence

    I already solved it. I rebooked the flight and booked a hostel. Costing me an arm and a leg. Yes I know Bristol is nice and all. Been there a bunch of times... But that is not the point, is it.

    I am frustrated and I am venting my frustrations. I don't really need you to tell me to chill... Really.

    I know how to think in solutions. Now seetickets should try to do the same.

    Thank you

    Thats all.
  9. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    Glastonbury's answer:

    We’re sorry to hear of the problem with your flights, however it was made clear from the outset that if booking a coach ticket you must be able to travel at any point on that day.

    Well this Will be my final glastonbury because They have ruined it for me and my friends. Two of our group Cannot go an leave two empty Seats on a bus, an empty tent and two tickets not collected....
  10. Buffystar

    Buffystar Old Glasto Fogey

    Tip : Make sure the lead booker is on the coach they can collect ALL the tickets for your group on the coach then you can meet them at outside the festival in car parks and hand over said tickets.
  11. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    This is the official word on the distribution of tickets.


    Note that it only says the other members "should" be present, it doesn't say that they have to be.
  12. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    Unfortunately should means obligated to be present. So be on the bus or no ticket......
  13. prue

    prue Infotype

    In this case I don't think it's incompetance by See (wierd as it seems to say that after so many years of saying the opposite on many occasions) but just their imposition of the 'green' policy worked out by GFL that has been there since 2007.

    I hope you and your friends can work out a way that you can all be there.
  14. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    Unforseen Circumstances

    Yes Yes Yes..

    I Know.. The Bloody T&C's.

    But I have a friend who is a teacher. When we booked the package in october.. she had no clue she had teacher obligations the night before the 26th. So even of she hadn't booked a flight... and she would have had to book a flight now the night before, which she can't. She's out of luck. She cannot... be on that bloody coach.

    You cannot tell me.. when people miss their coach due to unforseen circumstances.. that they will just shred the ticket.. sorry.. out of luck...

    That's my point.. These were cirsumstances we could not have known about... So why the unwillingness to help. That is what bothers me.

    Green? In this case.. screw green.. My friend will loose her ticket and 250pounds and more money for her plane ticket and the tent she booked.. Thank you Seetickets.. For absolutely not at all..
  15. Mart44

    Mart44 Member

    What about writing to Glastonbury Festivals and explain the unforeseen circumstances.
    Might be worth a try
  16. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member

    Already tried: see earlier post.

    Glastonbury's answer:

    We’re sorry to hear of the problem with your flights, however it was made clear from the outset that if booking a coach ticket you must be able to travel at any point on that day.

    Never heard about such a ridiculus and ridgid organisation, Glasto and See tickets......Thanks al lot for spoiling my Festival...
  17. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member


    We sent tweets and called and emailed.. No way around it.. We all have to be on that coach.. otherwise no ticket... Not should be.. no have to be...

    How do we find our way around that...

    ROWLANEL New Member

    The question has been asked on another Glasto forum....what happens to the ticket if you miss your coach. Replies have indicated that these tickets get handed into the festival office and you can collect there (although it is a lengthy process, expect a queue!). You may wish to check this with the festival office to make sure this is the case. Surely this has happened to many a festival goer in the past?
  19. blauwwithart

    blauwwithart New Member


    We asked and they answered: no, miss the bus then you out of luck. See tickets and Glastonbury office gave the same answer.
    That's why we are so angry.

    All our sollutions (pick-up at another point, sending them by post etc.) got NO as an answer, Terms & Cond.... And it has been so for years etc, etc.
    So apparently I am the only one with this problem...
  20. kkkk

    kkkk New Member

    ok...think about this then.
    What if you get your bus and your ticket isn't with the driver ?
    What if someone has directed you onto the wrong bus ?
    what happens then?
    well....you'd get to the festival and ask an authoritive person what you should do , showing them your bus ticket - will that driver still be with you at this stage ? - will they f*ck. You'll be sent to a portacabin and tell them what happened - you'll have ID and the bus ticket - if they accuse you of not having your ticket because you were not on the bus then you tell them you were on the bus. Wether this is true or not doesn't matter - no one will be with you saying you were or you were not.
    That's what I would do -

    Let us know how you get on xx (i'll be in the John Peel field xx)

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