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long term weather forecast

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by rickleach, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. rickleach

    rickleach turn left at the womble

    anyone got any goodish links?
  2. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    This is what positive weather solutions are saying:

    June ? Some warmth, occasional rain
    June will feature some sunny episodes and warm to potentially very warm temperatures. The warmth will not be sustained everywhere, with cooler weather and showers or more organised bands of rain developing as high pressure is from time to time undermined from various quarters. In general, the North and West are at greatest risk of unsettled weather, whilst the South and East can again expect to remain the driest for the lengthiest periods, with south-eastern areas, where it will occasionally turn very warm, also likely to fare best temperature-wise. This part of England will share the better conditions likely to develop across much of mainland Europe ? likewise however these are the areas at greatest risk from imported thundery showers. Temperatures for the UK and Irish Republic are on the whole likely to be just above the norm, with countrywide rainfall generally below the long-term average.

    Met Check is also quite a reliable one. I've ordered good weather anyway so don't worry :clap:
  3. glastomad

    glastomad Glasto Youth

    I had a good look about the internet and no one seems to do any forecasts longer than 14 days, I found one with 16 but it didn't recognize glastonbury or pilton to be real places so I don't think you'l find a specific one just yet
  4. exstockwellgooner

    exstockwellgooner Glasto Vet

    Really hope you are right about your order Nelly-these forecasts (we used to use them at work-but they proved to be hopeless) crack me up-they are so non-committal, vague and generic everyone can take something out of of them-they must be written by the weather version of Chemical Ali:roflol:

    Also noticed that those "Organised bands of Rain" may make an appearance.........Park Stage Saturday night?:bdance:
  5. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

  6. wozle

    wozle glastochic.

  7. wozle

    wozle glastochic.

    ....at least it will be dry :clap::clap:
  8. santhony

    santhony Lower Mead Resident

  9. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

  10. duggyfresh

    duggyfresh Member

  11. zakmatt

    zakmatt Let's Do It ...

  12. glastomad

    glastomad Glasto Youth

  13. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

  14. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

    Although that is better than mud, that forecast scares me a little... I'm of Scottish blood and have to tan to get from pale blue to white... and there's not a lot of cool shade a Glastonbury.

    Last year a number of people took to sitting in the path of the nature reserve to get themselves under some quality tree shade. Time to start a new thread..... what venues provide the coolest shade...
  15. TAFKASair

    TAFKASair Mud Muppet

    I'm a bit of a milkywhite type as well. Last year I watched Seasick Steve from under a white sheet - midday in the open, I was going to fry!

    The Park has lots of lovely shadey shelter - the tea house in the tree is awesome.
    Acoustic stage usually has a nice cool breeze around it if you're not right in the middle.
    The Glade (or whatever it's called now) is all trees, sorted.
  16. wozle

    wozle glastochic.

  17. tort

    tort Highly Polished

    Since when???

    Any weather forecast more than 48 hours in advance is guess work at best & Metcheck are without doubt the most unreliable of the lot!
  18. Lexilou

    Lexilou New Member

    since this is my first year, all previous years ive had to make do with watching on my sofa, ive never really taken notice of the weather on the run up to Glasto weekend. We are getting a pretty mixed bag here in South Wales at the moment, anybody remeber what the week or two before last years scorcher were like? not that that makes much difference really!! I am constantly doing good weather mantra's. IT WILL BE SUNNY! IT WILL NOT RAIN! etc
  19. Holesey

    Holesey Glasto Caution 'Wet Tent'

    Scorchio!! :clap: downside.. warm beer! :unsure:
  20. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    Since my friend got married two years ago. She swears by it, plus it was also accurate for last years Glasto. But it is probably wishful thinking on their part. Bit like sticking a pin in a map.

    I don't want to pee on anyones bonfire but the Telegraph claims have been wrong to date. It was released on 2 June and I believe it has rained every day since last Sunday.

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