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Locks on tents...

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Reece Johnson, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Reece Johnson

    Reece Johnson New Member

    Is it wise to lock our tent up? Or will people think that if we've locked it we've got something worth nickin? Which we wont have....

    Cheers :beer:
  2. Hexa-dB

    Hexa-dB Glasto Bore

    Completely pointless. If someone wants to get in they can just cut a hole! Putting a lock on it makes it look like you've got something in there worth nicking.

    If you take anything of any value, leave it in the (free) lockups when you don't need it. I did this with my camera the last few times and it was great. They're open 24 hours a day for access too.
  3. SAS

    SAS No Glasto Virgin

    Not really worth it IMO mate, if they want in a pen knife or lighter will gain them the access.

    I'd rather sleep in 'robbed' tent than a 'ripped' tent.
  4. Reece Johnson

    Reece Johnson New Member

    Yeah, that's what i was thinking, but the mrs wanted to put locks on! I shall "forget" to bring them!!! :)

  5. Mart44

    Mart44 Member

    Yeah - not worth it mate. Will just invite trouble. Good idea to have a chat to all the people around you get to know faces , then you all look after each others tents whenever anyone is around.
  6. Reece Johnson

    Reece Johnson New Member

    Good thinking!

    The only thing that will be valuable in our tent will be the booze! :bdance::beer:
  7. guidarufino

    guidarufino Member

    Totally agree. I also go with the philosophy that I don't take anything I'm not prepared to lose, have stolen or be irreparably damaged by mud, water etc. The only valuables I take are phone/camera (same thing now) and cash, both of which are with me at all times. Thanks to my OCD compulsion to check my bag every 15 micro seconds, I'm usually ok, even when totally mullered!
  8. Reece Johnson

    Reece Johnson New Member

    haha. Mullered. Not heard that word for years!!
  9. flutter

    flutter Glasto 2008,09,10

    Yeah, what everybody else is saying,If you padlock your tent you might aswell have a flag saying,"where not in at the moment,so please cut your way in and feel free to take what you want".
  10. Reece Johnson

    Reece Johnson New Member

    Yeah, cheers everyone. Kinda confirmed my thoughts. Will let the mrs know!

  11. Mart44

    Mart44 Member

    Mullered - is that when you eat too much yoghurt ? :whistle:
  12. flutter

    flutter Glasto 2008,09,10

    :clap:very good:clap:
  13. akicif

    akicif Member

    I'd guessed rhyming slang: "Muller Light" - "Tight"....
  14. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    keep your tent abit messy,open up all your crates off beer,so if someone does pop there head in they cant just grab all your beer :mad:
    never had a problem at glasto, had me tent robbed one yr at reading, and all they took was my nephews designer clothes :roflol:

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