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Hi All

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by dan05delaney, May 6, 2013.

  1. dan05delaney

    dan05delaney New Member

    Right as some of us are new here I'd like to say hello.... My Names Daniel.... some people may recognise my user name, not a Glasto Virgin btw... heavy poster... will be on here quite a lot... I think I could like this new home
  2. StoneCircle

    StoneCircle A Worthy Farm Witch

    Hello, I am new too, my name is Sarah but I am better known as StoneCircle when it comes to Glastonbury forums ;)
  3. Poliwhirl

    Poliwhirl New Member

    Hi im poliwhirl but my friends call me chris, so you can call me poliwhirl
  4. rooroo

    rooroo Super 6th!

    hola, I was peroni over the road... roo roo here and been for a while
  5. Vamos

    Vamos Member

    Evening, another newbie from the other place. I decided to keep my imaginative title..
  6. JimboTerrorist

    JimboTerrorist Field Mouse

    Hi. It's weird being new, eh? Should probably say I used to be JimmyT. I still am, actually. You know what I mean!?!
    Last edited: May 6, 2013
  7. 4AssedMonkey

    4AssedMonkey *********** Virgin

    Just checking in. This feels like a new shirt that hasn't been through the washer yet. It's all itchy and doesn't feel right....
  8. coma girl

    coma girl Member

    Another refugee here, same log in too.
    Wish I'd discovered this site earlier!
  9. puzzledbyadream

    puzzledbyadream Still puzzled

    Refugee here too, not sure why I haven't signed up here before...
  10. fromthetown

    fromthetown 6th Glastonbury

    Hi, I'm Pete. I was pedmills in a previous life. New start, new title. Now it's fromthetown because I grew up in the town of Glastonbury.
  11. Chazeboy

    Chazeboy 6 year glasto man

    Chazeboy here I'm beardy balding chunky and know quite a few of you from glasto, me and mrs w will be our 6th year at glasto can't wait
  12. Chazeboy

    Chazeboy 6 year glasto man

    Have been chazeboy since primary school, or Chaz which works better probably :)
  13. AZAndrew

    AZAndrew New Member

    I thought I'd grace you all with my presence. You lucky, lucky people.

    Same avatar. Only this time, standing up!

    Last edited: May 6, 2013
  14. Steevo61

    Steevo61 Been a couple of times

    Hello, another refugee here! Was sjp61. Love Glastonbury and everything about it.
  15. Saintfletch

    Saintfletch Member

    Evening all, another new boy here. I was new before and now new all over again...... Hold on, it's not me is it
  16. Morse Code

    Morse Code New Member

    Hello everyone. Another refugee here!

    It all feels a bit wrong at the moment, like being with a new girlfriend. It'll be fine until I bump in to the old forum in the street in a couple of weeks and it's with a new and much better looking log-in! :)
  17. Verbal

    Verbal New Member

    Another refugee here. Was Verbal over t'other place too.
  18. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    Oooeer, it's raining refugees lol!

    Hello all

    (I am/was BeeMee over there but rarely posted, was always a bit overwhelmed with it all).
    lots of familiar names I see.

    Welcome all.
  19. philthy

    philthy New Member

    Hi all, Phil here, long time lurker from over the road too.
  20. pie_and_a_pint

    pie_and_a_pint Very much not a virgin!

    *waves* Hello folks, pie_and_a_pint here, aka Becks. I know some of you from t'other place and some from Twitter where I'm @beckstar2. Looking forward to my 8th Glasto!

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