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Help! Tickets sent to friends lost in post

Discussion in 'Questions' started by LuluC, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. LuluC

    LuluC New Member

    Yes we will all take our passports to prove who we are
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  2. richard sanderson

    richard sanderson New Member

    so what you had your tickets opened them and re sent them then u lost them ? the royal mail have lost mine with out me even getting them there tried to post them I wasn't in so sent them back to sorting office I went to pick them up and there cant find them I havnt slept for 2 days worrier about it been trying to contact glasto its hard work no phone number
  3. LuluC

    LuluC New Member

    You would be best to call Seetickets to see what they can do. Call 0115 896 0073 as Royal Mail haven't fulfilled the contract for seetickets. Hope you get it sorted.
  4. richard sanderson

    richard sanderson New Member

    iv been contacting royal mail see tickets fir days seetickets have mailed me back once saying there contacted the royal mail them self but had no reply so I got the manger from sorting office to email them direct yesterday to confirm whats happen but still no reply as yet from them I havnt slept for days with worry of not getting as any body else in the last few years had the same problem I havnt even handle the tickets the royal as just lost them ?
  5. Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor Glasto lover ❤️

    Out of interest, what was the outcome of this Lulu?
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