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Glastonbury Kitchen

Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Mart44, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Mart44

    Mart44 Member

    Give me a Glastonbury themed kitchen fully fitted for free or Fuck Off ……
    Grrrrrrr….roll on Glasto :facepalm:
  2. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    mine has to have a quooker it for infinite tea
  3. exstockwellgooner

    exstockwellgooner Glasto Vet

    been away for a while and these wankers have ruined the Forum/Website.

    Saying that my mate is a good chippie:roflol:

    Happy to quote-free estimates and all that:spank:
  4. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    Next time I'm looking for firewood at the festival ill be thinking of these kitchens
  5. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    They're a real PITA. It doesn't matter what I do, they still get through.
    This'll give you an idea of what we're up against. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XRumer

    Even when the bots fail, they have spam centres with teams of people to bypass human verification checks for their clients.

    I had the best result with the registration question "What is the family name of the people who run the festival?".
    I figured that a bot wouldn't get it, a Chinese spam centre worker is unlikely to know the answer, and if they Googled the question, the answer wouldn't be immediately obvious to them, but anyone genuinely interested in Glasto, would be likely to know the answer.

    That lasted about a week before the kitchen spam started again.

    The problem is, is that I can't make the questions too vague, otherwise it'll stop real people from registering.

    The forum's now running new software (you've probably noticed), and has some fancy tools to deal with spam. I'll have a play, and see what I can do to slow it down.
  6. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    I think the only way to stop it is admin verification of new users. This will depend on the number of new users you get a year and also the peek posting times.

    Like the new site by the way, I thought the kitchen people had paid up for all the free advertising they had got.
  7. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    It seems to be working so far. This spammer was automatically blocked.
    There are quite a few spam settings I haven't even begun to explore yet, I'll have a play with them over the next few of days.

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