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Glasto Fest Your Teapot :)

Discussion in 'Chat' started by TeaCosyFolk, Jun 16, 2016.


Are you well jel of my Glastonbury Festival Tea Cosy?

  1. Yes I want one!

  2. Yes - but I can't knit

  3. No - it's not my cup of tea

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  4. Not sure - I'm thinking it over

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  1. TeaCosyFolk

    TeaCosyFolk New Member

    I shall be enjoying the Glastonbury Festival from my armchair this year, but I will be there in spirit with my Glastonbury Festival Tea Cosy

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  2. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    I don't even drink tea, but I love it! :clap:
  3. TeaCosyFolk

    TeaCosyFolk New Member

    That's so kind!

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