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NEWS Foo Fighters to announce Glastonbury 2017 headline slot during secret gig in Somerset?

Discussion in 'Glastonbury Festival News' started by Metro, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Metro

    Metro New Member

    by Adam Starkey

    Are Foo Fighters about to headline a slot at Glastonbury? (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Foo Fighters are seemingly playing a secret gig in Somerset on Friday night (February 24), with many believing it’ll lead to a Glastonbury 2017 headline slot.

    [​IMG]Fans think mystery airline tickets in post mean Foo Fighters are going to headline Glastonbury 2017
    The band previously left fans clawing at the walls after teasing an announcement earlier this week, having launched a mysterious Obelisk Airlines website which allows fans to ‘check-in’ via special boarding passes sent through the post.

    Some fans who have checked-in to the website have apparently received emails inviting… Read the full story

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