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Discussion in 'Questions' started by miljo, May 27, 2014.

  1. miljo

    miljo New Member

    helloooo, now i've got a flag, not to wave about, that's far too much like hard work :D but to pinpoint where my tent's gonna be.
    is it worth getting a flagpole, or would just tying it to the tent with the tent rope thingies do??
    silly question i know, but my mind's totes buzzing' with it all!!! :unsure:
    just 28days to go people!!! :bdance::yes:
  2. Martin F

    Martin F Oxfam steward since 2005

    How you going to pick out your flag in a sea of tents if it's not up a pole?
  3. miljo

    miljo New Member

    well, i thought that may be the case too, but last time we went, our daughter made us a flag on a4 paper, that we stuck on a bamboo stick!! we did get some titters off the steward checking our tickets & it wasn't until we set up tent that we realized what was so funny!!
    but, we did still manage to find our tent, even tho we were quite far out. this time i've bought a proper flag (she's far too cool to make us one now lol!!) and didn't know whether it was entirely necessary to get a pole. but i think you're probably right, which is the same as what my hubby said & i so hate it when he's right lol!!!
  4. flags

    We have both a flag(5ftx3ft) with 4 metre telescopic pole to carry around and a banner for the top of the little gazebo ( same size as the flag). Ive attatched the banner to tent poles which will be secured to the gazebp legs and sits about 4 ft above the roof. Both have been hand decorated! So I suggest you have a pole of some sort to raise your "home flag"
  5. frostypaw

    frostypaw New Member

    why would you do such a thing?
  6. Because we want to......the pole weighs a few ounces and as theres a group of six we want to have a spot marker ...that's all.
  7. Janner

    Janner Old guy

    Now I'm curious to what the flags are....please tell.

  8. flags

    Janner, our flags are a closely guarded secret.....suffice to say they are unique ( infact the second flag is not in production yet but in the design process) we are awaiting our dear Mum to actually make it. ;)
  9. frostypaw

    frostypaw New Member

    Why does the size of group make any difference at all?

    Weight isn't the issue - it's people having flags up while bands are on blocking the view that gets my goat. Hoisting one for a few moments while a friend with zero sense of direction comes back is one thing, though jumping and waving is easier, but spoiling other's chance of seeing an act is not on
  10. Oh dear me ! We are mindful people not inconsiderate so taking a 4 metre pole we thought would be considerate as I dont think there are too many people who would be that tall? We wont be smack bang in the front of the stages either.
  11. Janner

    Janner Old guy

    :bdance::bdance: Mines a St Piran flag.....not carting it around though....just to mark where the tent is.
  12. flags

    black background white cross??
  13. Janner

    Janner Old guy

    Yep :clap:
  14. flags

    I have to admit I Googled it as had no idea what the flag was:notworthy:
  15. Janner

    Janner Old guy


    Cornish national flag
  16. frostypaw

    frostypaw New Member


    Most of those poles are 4m+ tall

    If you genuinely lack the ability to find each other (it's not hard, the rest of glastonbury does it all the time) then at least only hold it up when someone has left the group and needs to find you again.

    Sorry if it seems a bit rude, but I've been going since before the flag epidemic of selfish people and used to be able to see the stage from wherever I like. Now I end up watching almost everything on the pyramid on the screens or all I can see is waving flags. It's ruined a lot of the joy of that stage for me and tens of thousands of others - the shape is brilliant, you can see the stage/performers clearly from anywhere. Or you used to be able to.

    Totally understand some folk can't do the stand-up-and-wave thing when their friends are trying to find them, but the 0.5% of festival goers who insist on bringing flags to the stages are dictating how the other 99.5% enjoy the festival. It's selfish
  17. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    I've said it before, I think that there should ne no flags in the mush pit bit, no flags further down than the barrier. OK for the main field bit but not down the front.
  18. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

    :notworthy: :clap: :yes:
  19. Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor Glasto lover ❤️

    I'm in total agreement re flags. I have not seen it as bad at any other festival and they are a total joy killer for all the people staring at flags when they want to see the performer on the stage. It is incredibly selfish.
  20. Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor Glasto lover ❤️

    This was my "view" of the Rolling Stones last year! :mad:


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