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Festival Essentials and Bargains

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by Devin, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. naughtygeorgie

    naughtygeorgie New Member

    We bought Thermarest Trio folding chairs, pack down to about the size of a pair of shoes....not cheap, around the £70 mark (each) and we've not used them at a festival yet but easy assembly and pretty lightweight. Sit nicely in a small backpack. Fairly sturdy but quite low to the ground.

    Hope this helps
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  2. SarahSutts

    SarahSutts New Member

    Thanks. This is a lazy bed
    I'd strongly discourage anyone from purchasing anything from this website.
    We have got a large ground sheet now which was very cheap and lightweight and they have little stools in b&m for 2.99 so I think I'll take all 3 and decide on the day dependant on weather

    QUOTE="Coffee Gordon, post: 33976, member: 2781"]What is a lazy bed!?

    I recommend getting some kind of light weight camping stool you can carry round. A light plastic sheet is fine if it's not muddy. But for those waits between acts - or a coffee/beer break with no seating -when you want to take the weight of your feet, having a little sit down is luxurious. The cheap three legged variety is fine if you're not to tall.[/QUOTE]
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  3. Lou

    Lou Member

    Yes, I have one of those - I think it's a good compromise between ease, portability and comfort.

    I don't recommend sleeping in it though! Tried that once for a few hours early one Wednesday morning in the overnight queue (sitting in it, bent forward with my arms and head on my knees). Really did my back in :oops:
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  4. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    OK, many of you (well, Nelly) have asked about these and this is my final report (Full disclaimer: I have no connection whatsoever with this company!)

    We both got a pair, but both slightly suspected we'd been suckered. However, we figured that if they don't work, well, worst case, we have some new socks. I first put on my socks on Wednesday morning and only wore the one pair for the entire festival. Every night I checked them and to my astonishment, every day they felt soft and fluffy like new and I was able to press them to my face and deeply inhale (I have - slightly horrifed - witnesses)! It was only on Monday night that they actually started to smell, but only like a pair of socks after a day sat in the office, not a pair that had been worn constantly for 6 days in a pair of 18 year old army boots at that festival! Oh, and they're dead comfortable! My toes were wriggling away happily all weekend :D

    They are incredible! No doubt there's some kind of weird voodoo stuff going on here, but what can I say? They work!
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