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Feetz Pocket Wellies

Discussion in 'Questions' started by muldutch, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. muldutch

    muldutch Member

    I can't wear proper wellies due to the lack of support they give... I was planning on wearing walking boots and gaiters but a friend has just sent me this link

    Does anyone have any experience of these?? I wouldn't give a damn what they look like if I thought they'd work but I'm just wondering if they'd tear after a day or so and if they would even fit over walking boots. So all opinions welcome please!
  2. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    Another thing to consider is their grip. Those slopes on the side of the rail track can be treacherous with the best footwear when wet.
  3. muldutch

    muldutch Member

    Hmmm good point. Altho wellies in general aren't good for grip. I'm tempted to get a pair just to see what they're like.
  4. I'm now looking at these too. they look ok but as for stability in slippery conditions I would imagine that they may not be so good. The tread on the sole isnt that deep!! So, in theory they are a good idea but .......
  5. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    They look like they would work fine in the sloppy mud but I think they would pull off when the mud gets sticky.

    "Glasto goers have more words for mud than Eskimos have for snow."
  6. I have gone and bought some!
    As Hash4cash said, they may come off in the certain conditions but thought they were worth trying. I have some super strong elastic and velcro straps which I've used for so many things to secure them and I will use them on these Feetz to help keep them on.

    Hopefully they wont be needed though!

  7. muldutch

    muldutch Member

    I went ahead and bought some too :)I think they would stay on better than ordinary wellies tbh as they are at least elasticated at the top. Wellies usually come loose in deep mud. And grip wise, I have some of those rubber ice grip thingies that go around shoes so I'll bring those too for over wet grass.

    If they're really crap and I've wasted my money I'll sell them on Ebay :D
  8. Floradorla

    Floradorla New Member

    I took some of these to Parklife and they were great. I'm defo taking them to Glasto. Easier to carry around than wellies and I wore my comfy trainers underneath so I felt much safer on my feet when the mud got bad. Didn't fall over once! :bdance: I've used them since on a trip to Tatton Park and popped them on when it started raining to save my shoes. I live in rainy Manchester so they're rapidly becoming a handbag essential in my life! Yes, even in June! :facepalm::p
  9. muldutch

    muldutch Member

    That's good to know, thanks. I got some and am def bringing them but was still a bit concerned about the treads.
  10. YCFC

    YCFC Nowt like Glasto

    They'll be fine for short-term, emergency use. Best of luck if it gets like this though:


    My advice, like many others, is to take proper wellies. Absolutely essential.
  11. Leonard817

    Leonard817 New Member

    YCFC... oooh that is fun! No doubt only wellies can withstand that environment. The scenario here demands wellies as well:

    Glastonbury 2016: Traffic chaos, weather and mud create misery for festival-goers

    muldutch, can you imagine the amount of mud and murck that will hug that feetz? The lack of grip can be a serious issue too. And what if they break? You’d be left with a heavy and murky shoes.

    Why don’t you just try insoles like Sorbothane?


    It does support the entire foot, absorbing any shock that they may encounter, this is far better than the double strike models that only cover the heel and ball. It is also way cheaper than those covers. You won’t have trouble cleaning them as well.

    If ever you’ve tried them already, please let me know.

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