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Family Member dropping Camper Van off

Discussion in 'Questions' started by cheewyy, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. cheewyy

    cheewyy New Member

    Hi all,

    Our family member is driving our campervan to the site. Reading access arrangements it only talks about hire companies. Has anyone any experience on how this will work?

    Obviously the family member is going to leave after dropping off but will they allow it?
  2. tort

    tort Highly Polished

    Difficult to tell because they've changed the rules this year and the campervan pass will have the lead booker's name on it so they could potentially turn the driver away if the lead booker isn't on board. Who knows how this will pan out in practice. In any case they certainly won't be able to drop the van off before Tuesday.
  3. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    The will obviously need both tickets, one for the 'van one for the festival. If they haven't got one for the festival they will still be refused entry to the campervan site.

    After they've parked up, no one can stop them from walking out, but it's a long walk, hopefully they will be met with some one with a car at the main road.

    Edited to add I posted this the same time as Tort, I would take his advice over mine
  4. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    This is quite a common problem this year. I've had load of questions on Twitter from people in similar situations.

    Some are no doubt trying it on where they've just bought a ticket from someone else, but there are many who seem to be genuine and through no fault of their own will be turning up without the named person with them.

    I can't see them being turned away because they're not going to want a load of CVs hanging around in Pilton waiting for someone to turn up, so I think they're either let them in, or stick them in a temporary spot until the booker turns up.
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  5. cheewyy

    cheewyy New Member

    Thanks for the answers so far

    So here is the story:

    We have a double pitch paid for. 4 tickets.

    Family member is driving vehicle for us with one of us in van at same time. Rest of us will follow.

    All we want is family member to drive in and then go. We will give them a lift back.

    Surely they can't refuse this???

    Any help appreciated.

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