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EXIT - Serbia

Discussion in 'Other Festivals' started by &devil, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. &devil

    &devil Member

    The best way to get through my post Glastonbury blues is to go to another festival as quick as possible. Usually, they totally disappoint. Last year I took a jump and went to EXIT because glastonbury wasnt on. Best decision I ever made.

    Anyway, is anyone else going? I know its a long shot. If you are let us know and we can meet for a pint.
  2. paolo

    paolo Member

    Not going but envious! I've had this on my list for years now.

    You tenting or got somewhere with AC ;) ?
  3. &devil

    &devil Member

    Bit old for tenting it in 30 degree plus heat. No thanks. I like my comfort at exit. We have an apartment with ac.

    I'd recommend going. It's amazing.
  4. paolo

    paolo Member

    Yep, I'd definitely do an apartment aswell.

    I like the look of the whole nocturnal thing. SE corner mindset. :)
  5. &devil

    &devil Member

    Was brilliant btw.

    Saw some amazing acts and discovered some new ones and for a rare change, actually managed to see all 5 headliners. Although wish I hadn't seen snoop lion. Not on long enough to justify a headliner tag and got the hype man and dancers to do his job for him. Bloc party surprised me and nick cave was amazing. Chic were brilliant, as well as their own stuff they are the best covers band in the world (he may have produced and written the tunes, but at the end of the day if its not madonna, Duran Duran ect on that stage it's still a cover IMO). Still brilliant night of boogie. Atoms for peace were more dance than I expected and great. Prodigy nailed it and I got a bit of a shiner in the pit. Forgot I'm not 19 for a second.
    Spent more time in the dance arena this year and managed to see Dixon and ame. I struggle past 5am normally but managed it twice. Seth troxler nailed it as well but jeff mills disappointed. Still fatboyslim was the surprise really. The Serbs love him, they had to close the 25,000 dance arena for safety. a word only this year being introduced to exit.

    The little stages were reshaped and in some cases removed and replaced. Not sure a karaoke stage is that bad now, as the compare said 'if you not ready to sing, you need more beer'. Latina stage just mental and 500 people strong silent disco throughout the night was awesome. I did miss the electronica stage, but it wasn't really popular. I have however fell in love with the happynovisad stage. Thanks partly to the Dutch dj dexter. Being a partition to the dance arena it traps ravers like a techno spider layer, well worth missing Tom staar and jeff mills for. Pity it's cash bar was shut, but that is partly politics, unavoidable in Serbia. Luckily the other cash bars got a reprieve.

    Which brings me on to the biggest change at exit. The new card system works perfectly. Less queuing, less fumbling around for change, less opportunity for staff to get a bit liberal at your expense. Just load it up, and once price comes up you scan the card. Doddle. You can also get your money back on it from the bank after the festival. I wish other festivals would do it. Never waited more than 2 mins for a drink the whole 5 nights. As said, the drawback is that there were measures designed to close the very small cash bars. This was changed by Friday night. But some of the damage was done the bars up by the hotel courtyard are amazing and aren't compatible with the card system. (They are real all year round bars)

    Anyway, all in all it was brilliant. I'd recommend going. Not cos its only about ?1.40 a pint in the festival, that the food is amazing, you can stay in an air conditioned apartment, see great acts and have a laugh in the sun. But because it is a great, relaxed, mental, partying, friendly festival and most enjoyable.
  6. paolo

    paolo Member

    Thanks for the write up.

    Always good to get a review from 'one of our own'.

    That means EXIT stays firmly on my list. :)
  7. &devil

    &devil Member

    Looks like we are going again.

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