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England matches

Discussion in 'Questions' started by alan, May 23, 2016.

  1. alan

    alan New Member

    Does anyone know is England matches will be shown at Glastonbury this year
  2. tort

    tort Highly Polished

    No announcement made yet as far as I'm aware but, based on the fact they said they wouldn't be showing England game if we'd actually managed to qualify from the group stage of the 2014 World Cup, I would say its unlikely. If England win their group they will play on the Saturday at 5pm so the game wouldn't finish until 7pm an possibly later if it goes to extra time & pens. If they finish 3rd they either wouldn't kick off until 8pm on the Saturday, so that's a definite no-no as it would clash with headliners, or they would play at 5pm on the Sunday. If they finish second they wouldn't play until the Monday evening so there wouldn't actually be an England game during the festival. The last group game isn't until Monday 20th so, with so many possible scenarios, having to make all the necessary arrangements to show the game at such short notice would be too much to expect I would suggest.
  3. Martin F

    Martin F Oxfam steward since 2005

    If watching the football is that important to you, you should stay at home IMO
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  4. Think that's a bit harsh Martin F. There's been some glorious In-ger-lund games at Glastonbury. 2004 against Portugal was on the Thursday night so was shown on the Pyramid stage screens. There were more people watching the game at the festival (at least 100k) than in the stadium. The atmosphere was incredible.

    Shame we lost :(
  5. Anders Krogh

    Anders Krogh New Member

    I saw some of Holland v Mexico (maybe) a few years back at William's Green (again; maybe) - perhaps it was another pub. It was defo football on TV so you should be able to catch it.

    Not that I care football this year (Danish)
  6. &devil

    &devil Member

    Williams green has shown football in the past, it shows tennis but tbh I don't think it will show the England game, just down to the numbers involved. The pubs not really big enough I don't think.
  7. quiet guy

    quiet guy Bimbling through life

    On the strength of last night's performance I don't think you'll have anything to worry about
  8. Kid A

    Kid A Glasto Vet

    I think I read on one of the Twitter feeds that a couple of the bars are planning to show any games beyond the 20th. Great news....I'll be at one of the bars that isn't showing it!
  9. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

    I don't think anywhere public will show it without incurring the wrath of the festival organisers. They could not plan to show the games on a big stage as they don't know in advance when there home teams will play. So you have a pent up demand to see the games. If a small stage or bar shows them you risk crowding problems that could become dangerous if too many people try to get in one small area.
  10. prue

    prue Infotype

    I understand bars are the only place showing football as the Festival itself isn't. Fine by me. :)
  11. maclauk

    maclauk Wish I started earlier...

    I doubt the bars on site will show it for the reasons I give above. There is a real danger of over crowding anywhere that shows it, including bars.

    Or have you heard something different through the info people Prue?
  12. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    You could watch it on your phone, you could also arrange a place to go so you could all watch it on your phones together.
  13. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

  14. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

  15. Hash4Cash

    Hash4Cash Active Member

    So now we know about the Football, but what about Game Of Thrones, will they be showing that as it is the end of season and there is going to be a major cliff hanger.
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  16. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    I bloody hope not. I haven't watched any of Season 6 yet. It'd be impossible to avoid overhearing someone talking about it if they showed it.
    I'm hoping to catch up with it on my recovery day when I get back.
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  17. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I forgot all about GoT .I love that series, oh well, something to look forward to on getting home.

    Football.... meh

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