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Crucial dates if you want to be a WBC volunteer this year.

Discussion in 'Workers' Camp Fire' started by Glasto-worker, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    Hi each year the actual bid dates change - some years its in April - last year it was March and this year its in February - so far tighter this year.

    although I posted this in 2009 all the info apart from the deadline date is still valid


    If you are already a registered WBC Volunteer - you don't have to do anything except reply to your Organiser e-mail.

    If you have been thinking about becoming a WBC Volunteer then time is short and you need to get officially registered ' this month '

    each year at events I run into people who want to be a WBC Volunteer but by then its far too late and they would find it impossible to join that year.

    Some years the WBC locks down the area where a new recruit can be registered so its wise to assume the lock down will happen Friday 28/02/2014 .

    A Organiser can only hand out a place to someone who is already officially registered so that date is crucial - miss it by a second and you will wait to 2015.

    The years of groups getting 25 places at Glastonbury are long gone - The Group Organiser will make a bid and the odds are this will be reduced - it could be from 25% to 100%

    Once they have been sent a allocation its up to them to decide who gets the place - most will allocate depending on experience so if I was a new Volunteer I would join a New TUC Group as I would stand a far better chance of a place.

    2014 calendar will be sent out - Friday 14/02/2014:

    Deadline for submitting Group Bids - Friday 28/02/2014:

    Deadline for sending in Terms & Conditions - Friday 28/02/2014:

    Events allocation will be sent out - Friday 28/03/2014:

    Allocations are made on the priority rating of the organisation and the availability of places

    Priority 1 ? Trade Union Branches in dispute and Trade Union Councils

    Priority 2 ? Trade Union Branches, organisations within Trade Unions

    Priority 3 ? Campaigns and Solidarity groups backed by the Labour movement

    Priority 4 ? Constituent Labour parties and Community groups

    I am sorry but as I run a very experienced Team I have no plans to take on anyone who is new + some have been with me over 20 years and they will always get a place first.
  2. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    Hi just to update anyone who wanted to find a WBC Team this year.

    The WBC does not accept individual applications so a person must join a WBC Team . { WBC Group }

    The Group Organiser has to meet certain WBC deadlines and each year the dates vary.

    The most important deadline is the Bids deadline. { for the whole 2014 season }

    Although these are number bids wise Organiser's will work out who exactly will be working at each event but there is a few less experienced Organiser's who will try pot luck and they are the ones that get unstuck when they cant match their bids.

    Whichever way they do it - the bids are sent in and the WBC will process them and will let Organiser's know at the end of March what bids have been accepted.

    it is highly likely that Glastonbury bid numbers are reduced { its been like that since the late 90's as there is far more registered Groups than there used to be }

    this is where new Volunteers come unstuck - if a Team is reduced by anywhere between 25% to 75% the ones that are likely to be cut are the new ones.

    You have to look at from the Organiser's point of view - I would rather have trusted and dependable experienced Volunteers { some who have been with me over 20 years } than a new Volunteer who has to be watched over.

    Most of my team who cant get places at Glastonbury will be offered either a Latitude or Reading place and they all understand that everything is up in the air until the allocation numbers are knowing.

    The Bid deadline for 2014 has now passed so its unlikely that any new recruits will be able to find a WBC Group to join this year.

    Anyone who has recently applied to join a WBC Group should double check that you have been registered and the WBC has approved the registration because the next deadline is the ' registration deadline ' - likely to be two weeks after the allocation.

    the WBC will lock down the area making it impossible for anyone to be registered after that date and only Volunteers who have been approved can work at any event.

    Volunteers who worked last year will be carried over this year so they don't have to register again.

    The Allocation day - the WBC will send the allocation numbers - I have a list so I know who is doing what and on that same day I will allocate the places and then fire off a text letting them know they have a confirmed place.

    Once I have made the allocation the WBC will send a link to book a Crew Coach { coaches are from all over the UK } - its that process that does catch many new people out.

    Only WBC Volunteers who have a medical need are allowed to use their own car if they are working at Glastonbury everyone else ' has to book a coach place .

    There will be a booking deadline for the Coach - miss that deadline and ' your place will be taken back by the WBC ' so its important that you don't miss that deadline.

    It may sound tricky but the WBC will send full instructions and your Organiser will send reminders as they know how important it is to book the coach.
  3. pentura

    pentura Not a Glasto Virgin

    I completely understand the formalities of volunteering as stated above - i.e reliable volunteers with previous festival experience are favoured and placed first. That's cool.

    My question is - how would one go about getting a place with NO previous festival voulnteering experience?

    This will be my fourth year at the festival and have always been interested in volunteering. I feel like some of my best summer memories were spent at Glastonbury and I feel like giving back. I volunteered at a festival here in Ireland once before and it was great fun! Meeting new people, experiencing the festival in a different way etc. so I'm somewhat aware of the way volunteering is done from the charities and companies point of view.

    I'd just like to know if there is people who HAVEN'T volunteered before and are chosen. And, if so, what is the process / criteria for being selected? Are people who HAVE volunteered before always chosen first?

    Obviously, from the companies POV they don't want to select someone they don't know, who is gonna get entry to the festival and bugger off for the weekend even if they paid a deposit. Which kinda ruins it for the rest of us, so it kind of seems like that dreaded cycle of internships - i.e - No job without work experience, but yet nowhere will give work experience.

    Just some information as to how it works would be great!
    Hoping to do it in the future but for now...I wait till June :cool:
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2014
  4. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    Hi - I posted it here as I know that some WBC Volunteers visit this site - the WBC sends out information to WBC Organisers such as myself so while I wrote to all on my Team it makes sense to let everyone else know the crucial dates.

    By the way the WBC does not run on a deposit system - they trust me to only include people who will not vanish.

    The WBC hand out a Team allocation for each event { this year its Friday 28/03/2014 }

    As regards who is picked - well that is down to me { for my Own Team } so I certainly would not pick anyone new above someone who may have been with me 20+ years.

    In fact I do have someone new { who was vouched for by one of the Team } she has requested to work at all three festivals so I have to told her its unlikely she will get all three.

    I will find out in two days and its then I decide who does what - if there was two new people then I would not give them places ' at the same event ' as its a big hassle to try and train two people while doing my own duties.

    as it transpires I have more on the Team who want to work at Latitude than Glastonbury so this new female stands a good chance of a place at Glastonbury although the actual allocation numbers are difficult to predict but will update this area after I know the allocation numbers.

    if more had wanted to do Glastonbury then it would be unlikely she would be picked so ' its all down to luck '

    She has never worked at any event but that is not all that important - I have been told she is very dependable and a hard worker - if she messes about then it will be her first and last festival { I have already warned her she is on trial }

    Now this is unlikely to happen as she would not be vouched for as this reflects badly on the person who vouched for her.

    each year her ranking will go up and there will come a time when she will have first refusal

    She will get a chance this year and then its down to her.

    We are all in the same boat - I expect everyone to work ' as if I was there ' even when I am not there- we are a Team so if someone does not do the work then the others have to do it for them - trust me in a very busy bar we don't have any time for someone who is not willing to pull their weight.

    no one new would be left alone so they are not kicked into the deep end.

    Now last year I used two friends who wanted to do Latitude together but on that occasion I had one of my most experienced team Members with me so we decided to train one each - the two girls were able to pick it up very quickly and the bar manager loved them so they will get picked for this years Latitude { the WBC tends not to cut allocation numbers for Latitude } and this year they will not have us breathing down their neck so it can be done if a person is willing to learn.

    Big note - information below is for 2015 as it would be near impossible to find a Team for this year due to the deadlines .Its a step by step guide how to find a Team.

  5. pentura

    pentura Not a Glasto Virgin

    Thanks for the reply!

    I just discovered that WBC does not run a deposit system after posting, it's Shelter that does, my apologies!

    So..hypothetically speaking, a new volunteer will have a better chance of securing a 'trial' if he / she is vouched for?

    RE: About first refusals of previous volunteers - let's say, for arguments sake, X number of previous volunteers REFUSE to work at a particular festival, are the remaining places then offered to previous volunteers with less experience? Or a mix of those less experienced and new volunteers?

    Like you said, you're not going to pick a newbie over someone with 20+ years experience whom you know is a good worker and you have a good rapport with, which is absolutely understandable.

    To make a long story short, I'm just wondering how to OR if even possible to, get onto the system without having someone vouch (as I don't know anyone currently working for WBC) and/or having no previous volunteering experience at the festival. I've spent years working in pubs and at the bar at corporate events in Dublin so I can proudly (or maybe not so proudly? :roflol:) say I know my way around a beer tap.

    But again, it's understandable that you use volunteers you know are reliable and punctual to maintain a good working environment for punters aswell as staff.
  6. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    well to get on my Team ' everyone has to be vouched for ' because I cant risk my reputation by taking chances.

    90% have been with me at least 10 years so its top heavy with people who have experience

    But newer teams are less strict.

    Your looking at it the wrong way - I send out a calendar and they get back to me asking for places

    No one is expected to work ' they just tell me what they would like to do '

    In a ideal World they would all get what they want.

    I work out the numbers and then put in a ' number bid ' but as Glastonbury is always oversubscribed they will cut back the numbers.

    On Friday I will know what bids have been accepted and will then allocate out places.

    This year out of 50 Volunteers on my Team there is only one person who is new but not all 50 want to work this year.

    Once a person gets to 'first refusal' they are sure of at least two major festivals.

    Everyone will get a place but not at every event .

    have sent a PM to you
  7. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    Well my Team is sorted for Glastonbury/Latitude/Reading

    Some other Teams did not get any places at all for Glastonbury even although they have been doing it at least ten years.

    I know they are well upset but sadly places get tougher every year.

    so the Team is fixed and we dont have a clue who will be playing yet.
  8. sam harrison

    sam harrison New Member

    I can back up what WBC Worker (by any chance are you Brian C??) i'm team leader for one of the teams, and our organiser only lets people even be registered for his organisation if they are vouched for by 2 people who are already on the list.

    As well, a lot of the team organisers know each other, so will give first preference to regulars from other groups if they can't get enough themselves
  9. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    yes its brian Carson although you must know I go under WBC Worker on another forum - cant recall why I could not use it here.

    As you know it can be dead easy or near impossible to find a Group - it all depends on who you know - I tried to join the WBC in 1986 - the very first year they got the beer contract for Glastonbury but I was told ' no chance ' - at that time only TUC and Trade union Groups were allowed - I was a University Lecturer at that time so we did not have a trade union - the nearest we had was a Association but it was not affiliated to the TUC so that was a none starter - by good luck the WBC then rented a office from Battersea Labour Party { 177 Lavender Hill } and as a favour Martin Smith allowed them to form their own group BLP { the very first team that was not a TUC or Trade union Group } and my girlfriend was offered a place and she proposed me in 1989 - at that time we were not Organisers but we were the first two Team Leaders - in the 90's more and more labour groups were formed and when the WBC expanded { there was a lot more events than what they are now } Martin Smith allowed in some social groups and charities and very soon there was loads of social groups.

    So if the WBC had not moved into that office I would not have ended up the longest serving Volunteer { still alive } on the WBC books and why I have never taken up Management. { any time I have worked as a Deputy Tent Manager it was always a unpaid basis so my earnings going to charity to retain my Volunteer status }

    I did end up being a Organiser for Unison Kensington and Chelsea { Unison K&C } for ten or so years and then was asked to form a new Group for Birmingham City Students Union although I may be moving again next year to form a new Trade Union Group { which I cant mention as negotiations are still under way }

    by the way when I move - we all move { all within the rules but has to be done in the Winter }

    So as you know ' once your in - your in ' -

    so how many years have you been in the WBC ? as I would need to see your face to know if I know you.

    so what was your cut back for Glasto ?

    I will be back working in the Village Bar { its all sorted in advance - I have not been doing it for 25 years without knowing how to fix things }
  10. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    Have seen a video made by one of the setup crew - it is the same camp as last year

    they have moved Production to the left { as you look at it from Bushy Ground } but the entrance is in the same place - bring a mallet as the ground is rock hard.
  11. sam harrison

    sam harrison New Member

    Is that the opposite way round to last year? My memory is a bit of a haze!! I can't wait, only 2 days 9 hours until i leave to get down to london and the coach!

    Hoping that at least 1 person near where i put my tent has a mallet
  12. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    You may not have noticed as you need a Production pass to get into the Production area

    in 2013 when you walked though Security the Village tent was on the left - Production area was to the right .

    Now it is possible that they put up the Village tent in the wrong place { that's happened before }

    anyway they are not going to move it now.

    This was 2013


    This is 2014

  13. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    So how did you get on ?

    we were lucky as we were on the first London Coach - we arrived two hours early which may sound crazy but with 90 minuets before departure there was enough people there to fill one Coach - normally people don't show up more than 60 minuets before departure so people were arriving much early than in previous years.

    I am allowed to camp anywhere { due to cancer treatment side effects which can make me overheat } but I doubt if many of the people who own those tents has that permission - I camped close to the tree { for the shade } so that one with the green bag in the porch is mine - Everyone else was supposed to camp at the end of the field but as you can see they chanced their arm so got away with it.

    I worked Tuesday Evening and Overnight on Sunday but wed/thu/fri/sat I worked daytime ' to keep me in the shade ' - I would rather be working than being stuck in a Boiling tent - but the rest of the Team did various shifts in those days.

    there was a few Balls ups - the water supply for the Campsite Bar did not arrive until 3.30am Sunday morning { yes I know it sounds nuts but that is how it goes sometimes }

    It was my Team who worked the late shift on the Sunday - we had volunteered to do it - as its the most busy night and we wanted to keep it running as long as possible - we had emptied the kegs and casks by about 4am so we pulled the plug although anyone showing up at the bar was able to pick up free Wine as we had left it on the Counter { in typical fashion some people were lifting 10 bottles at a time !! }

    All the Bar sales after 2am went to The Clutha Bar helicopter Crash Fund - we had been asked to run a cheap Bar ' if we wanted to ' but I objected due the fact that when we have done this in the past and sold Pints at ?0.50 there is lots of wastage and as it was for Charity it was my decision to keep the prices at ?2.

    Still to find out how much was made but I should find out at Reading but it has to be a few thousand.

    Not sure if you are working at Latitude but if you are ' we are back at the Old Camp { last used in 2011 } - not sure if they have changed the parking but I know for certain the Camp has moved.

    I will once again be working in the WBC Campsite Bar - what ever happens we will be working the last shift on the Sunday.

    Come up and say hello.

    The two Black/Grey Tents in the middle are my Teams


    This was just after the Power down { Friday 27/6 } - one of the set up crew called me out because of the Rainbow and asked me to stand in the middle of it.

  14. sam harrison

    sam harrison New Member

    my team were camped straight behind you, pcs south east essex, with the flag! I camped further away coz didn't realise they'd saved a space for me!
    I got on the 3 o clock bus, which went ok, and the 2nd london bus back... so glad i wasn't on the 3rd one, sounds as though it was an interesting journey!
    I only managed to make it into the village bar on a couple occasions, was too busy exploring the whole site!

    I'm not going to be doing latitude, but will be at reading, so should see you there!
  15. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

    Then you were on the same coach as my Team { leaving Glastonbury } - we stopped off at that little layby as the driver had ran out of hours { due to the big traffic jam } and that is when I found out about the later Coach as some of the Amnesty International Team had called up to a guy on our Coach.

    Amazingly even although I have been with the WBC 25 years no coach that I have been on has ever crashed or Broken down - I know loads of people who have been caught out but I have been lucky.

    This is how it looked on the Tuesday - at first there was only two of us - it soon filled up quickly - there was many who had booked the 3pm coach but tried to get on the Noon Coach - Its the way they make up the lists - so bloody daft as ' the old system ' was far better { where they could clearly see who has what booking }

    I always sit at the front just so that I can jump on the driver if he looks lost - there has been years where some Coaches ended up at Gate B and they got out not thinking anything was wrong until they tried to get in { they had a long walk with their bags going around the outside }

    So while I cant prevent delays I always make certain that coach gets to the correct entry point.

    So did you spot any Agency workers at Glastonbury ? - don't know how many there was but I know there was a big Team of them - I am going to bring it up with the WBC Council as its plain daft - its not the first time they have used them but they try to keep that quiet.I know one team who did not get any places even although they have been with the WBC 7 years and they would have jumped at the chance ' if they had been told ' - they were not contacted.
  16. Lauren Seifert

    Lauren Seifert New Member

    Hello :)

    My name is Lauren Seifert and I am currently a fourth year Event Management student at Bournemouth University. For my dissertation I am studying the antecedents, experiences and consequences for individuals who volunteer to work at the Glastonbury Festival. As part of this project I need to collect primary research from these volunteers. So I ask you to please fill in my short online survey; it will take approx 8 mins to complete. Please send it on to any of your friends or colleagues who have also volunteered. I will not have any access to your personal information and the survey will be kept completely confidential.

    The link to the survey is as follows: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2032321/Volunteering-to-work-at-Glastonbury-Festival

    I greatly appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Much appreciated,

    Lauren Seifert
  17. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989


    1. Please select one of the following statements below that best describes your volunteering employment description when you last worked at Glastonbury Festival .

    I was in short term temporary paid work at the festival but was in that position as a means to gain access to what was going on at the festival without purchasing a ticket.

    I was working on a short term unpaid basis at the festival in order to have access to the festival as a reward.


    This does not cover myself and many like me - I am being paid but my pay is donated to charity so therfor I cant select any answer.


    3. In which of the last 3 years did you work as a volunteer at Glastonbury Festival? Please tick the appropriate boxes. *This question is required.



    you are aware there was no Glastonbury in 2012 ?


    5. Please select the relevant circle for each of the pairs of words below, to match what you think Glastonbury Festival would be like if it were a person. The closer to the word you mark the circle the stronger is your feeling that Glastonbury festival would be like that. *


    This does not make any sense at all - it may to you but you have me beat and I have a PhD.
  18. Lauren Seifert

    Lauren Seifert New Member

    Thank you for your feedback. I have made the appropriate changes to the survey. If you wouldn't mind having another go at it when you get the chance, I will be very thankful.
  19. Glasto-worker

    Glasto-worker Volunteer since 1989

  20. Lauren Seifert

    Lauren Seifert New Member

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