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colundi everyOne benelux & uk october 2015

Discussion in 'Other Festivals' started by colundieveryOne, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. colundieveryOne

    colundieveryOne New Member

    colundi everyOne

    a festival of four magical & musical events

    22 okt - Rotterdam Transport
    23 okt - Antwerp Ampere
    24 okt - Amsterdam Cruquius Gilde
    25 okt - Nijmegen Doornroosje

    at each event...

    Aleksi Per?l?
    Dave Monolith
    Krzysztof Oktalski
    D'Arcangelo (23 & 24)

    remote installation:
    Jodey Kendrick

    & Maf*pHew (Penryn Space Agency)
    Serge Clone Records
    DJ Rephlex Records
    on the decks

    more info for this time period:-

    10/23 eve to 10/26 eve: Thesmophoria?Old Greek festival commemorating the transformation of Goddess Kore (Queen of the Living) into Persephone (Queen of the Dead), when She eloped to Elysium with Her partner, God Dionysos/Plouton, accompanied by Goddess Hekate and spirits of the dead. At Eleusis, Dionysos was considered the life aspect and Plouton the death aspect of the same Deity, just as Kore was considered the life aspect and Persephone the death aspect of the same Deity. Dionysos was wild, and subject to excess drinking, dancing, and sex. While Kore, Gaia, Zeus, and Helios considered Him to be a marital prize, Demeter thought otherwise. Consequently, She mourned their union by striking the Earth with famine.

    Taurid meteor shower 'fireballs': October and November
    The Taurid meteors, sometimes called the "Halloween fireballs," show up each year between mid-October and mid-November.

    End of Crow month.
    The Falling Leaves Time.
    Direction: South West.
    Element: Air with Earth.
    Plant: Ivy
    Mineral: Azurite.
    Function: to intiate thought and ideas.

    Ashura - 10th Muharram (Islam) begins (Sundown).

    Dussehra / Vijaya Dashami (Hindu)

    Orionid: a medium intensity meteor shower. everyOne could see about 25 meteors per hour.

    Sun enters Scorpio
    Summary- Sun li>sc
    Calendar- Planetary Ingresses
    Date- 2015 Oct 23 18:47:00 Europe/London time (+0100)
    Description- Sun (li>sc) 23.10.2015 17:47:00 UT 0 sc 0' 0.7797

    Summary- Moon aq>pi
    Calendar- Planetary Ingresses
    Date- 2015 Oct 23 06:18:00 Europe/London time (+0100)
    Description- Moon (aq>pi) 23.10.2015 5:18:00 UT 0 pi 0'16.7936

    Saint George's Day (Christian)

    Start of Snake Month.
    The Frost Time.
    Direction: West.
    Element: Water with Earth.
    Plant: Thistle.
    Mineral: Amethyst.
    Function: to involve.

    24 okt ? colundi Saturday

    Summary- Moon pi>ar
    Calendar- Planetary Ingresses
    Date- 2015 Oct 25 06:22:00 Europe/London time (+0000)
    Description- Moon (pi>ar) 25.10.2015 6:22:00 UT 0 ar 0'16.5466

    Reformation Day (Protestant Christian)

    also... colundi Samhain barndance, SW England, Halloween...
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