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Campervan ticket needed!!

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by needcampervanticket, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. needcampervanticket

    needcampervanticket New Member


    Willing to pay good money for campervan ticket in either field!!
    PM me if you have one for sale :)
  2. molokoid

    molokoid Member

    It's a shame this post is encouraging touting. But if you're not a tout but do have a surplus campervan pass to sell at face value plus your costs, i've a list of buyers and can hook you up with one for either a face to face sale or if you can post to the person at the head of the queue.
  3. needcampervanticket

    needcampervanticket New Member

    no don't have any to sell but want one to buy
  4. molokoid

    molokoid Member

    My comment was aimed at others, not yourself. I can clearly see you're after a pass, it was the offer to pay 'good money' that unfortunately encourages touting.

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