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Campervan Fields

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Rob89, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Rob89

    Rob89 New Member

    Morning All,

    Quick question

    Can people on normal camping go up to the campervan fields to see Friends etc that are staying there?

    Had a look and can't see anything that says you can't?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Absolutely, yes! But make sure you keep your ticket.

    The fields are technically offsite, so you have to show your wristband and your ticket when you go through the gate. They will then give you a Pass Out. When you go back in, you hand back the Pass and again show your wristband and ticket. All this is absolutely non-negotiable so if you haven't got your ticket on you, don't even try!
  3. Rob89

    Rob89 New Member

    That's brilliant,

    There's a group in campervan fields and potentially a group camping if we can't find a cheap caravan/camper to hire.

    So this is an option now :)
  4. jawa

    jawa New Member

    Your camping group could pitch their tents with the campervan group. It's allowed.

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