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Campervan fields closed until 6pm tomorrow

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by Bell Boy, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Bell Boy

    Bell Boy Soon to be 8 timer

    We are starting to receive emails about the gates being closed until 6pm due to the wet conditions:(

    Does anyone know a good local place to park up to wait for an hour or 2 as i will be getting there around 4.30pm?

    Cheers all
  2. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    This is the email See are sending.

  3. Martin1

    Martin1 Member

    Bugger. Might as well go to work for the day then. :(

    Was planning on getting there at 12 noon on the dot. I haven't had an email yet though.
  4. Coffee Gordon

    Coffee Gordon Glast-ographer

    I came here to pass on the same news, sad for the c'vanners that left days ago
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  5. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    We were camping nearby and got messages from Bellboy and Nelly about the email so decided to stay put until we heard that the fields were open. Good call as apparently all vehicles were being moved on although a few had somehow been let into East and some were in the lane approaching West.

    At 5:00 got a gogogo text from Nelly and our convoy of 4 set off. Queued on the A361 for ages, just a few yards from the lane without moving but got in and got on site at around 7:30. Very damp and soft ground. Stewards seemed overwhelmed and it took ages to get parked, but we eventually got set up and relaxed at last.

    And then at 2:10 got a text from Nelly: still in the queue for East!! They got in at 4:30 eventually. Sounds like it was chaotic there with stewards not really coping. Apparently there is now a holding area for campervans at the Bath & West.

    As for Bellboy, his engine packed in. He got in ok but had to have his van checked by the fire brigade!

    Hearing now that it's still chaos out there. Seems that they've not really coped, which is out of character but perhaps inevitable, I don't know.

    To all of you stuck outside, I really, really hope it's sorted fast and you can get on with your festival. We'll be waiting for you!
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  6. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    Well we got the email and luckily our campsite said we could stay past 12 so we joined the queue at 4.50 coming up the A37. We crawled in to east at midnight so by all accounts we were the lucky ones.

    I agree about the stewards. Nobody with any experience or authority trying to deal with a v difficult situation. It was pointless delaying entry..just ended up with an appalling knock-on effect with the car arrivals. Even if some vans had got stuck earlier their arrival would have been more staggered with time to pull them in. Poor thinking on that one.

    We know someone who was one of the few let in early and 45 or so vans got in at 8 with no issues...but said that when vans were let in officially stewards were taking vans off the metal track then telling them to stop...with the inevitable consequences! Lack of experienced/common sense in what is an important task considering the circumstances! seems very much like mostly an organisational failure rather than all down to conditions. Maybe a few lessons learned there...need proper parking stewards..not youngsters who have no clue about parking large vans and caravans.
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