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Bearded Theory 2014

Discussion in 'Other Festivals' started by Debsh2, May 7, 2014.

  1. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    So who is going?? I know a few have posted on the Glasto Chat page on facebook.... but wondered if there were any more in here ;)
    Last edited: May 7, 2014
  2. tort

    tort Highly Polished

    We'll be there. Haven't missed one yet, although with Bearded Theory moving to the Bank Holiday this year the choice between this and Knockengorroch was the toughest festival clash choice I've ever had to make and I'm still seriously pissed off about it. :(

    Also the Sequinporium won't be there this year but we're hoping to sort out at least a rail on somebody else's stall for the magic & sparkles theme.
  3. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    Glad its not just me then........... I am using it to get myself set and ready for Glasto :D I am going withmy very best friend and her daughter, neither have festivaled before!! should be interesting! the daughter is coming with us to Glastonbury too.... my friend has booked us a glamping experince at Bearded though as she isnt very well, and couldnt face the whole 'tent' experience......... so will be a little different.

    looking forward to magic and sparkles day!!!
  4. Ferret

    Ferret 6th time in Camp Triangle in 2017

    i'm going if Brighton lose in the semi-finals of the Chanpionship playoffs this week .... otherwise i'll be at Wembley instead!

    Hoping if we get knocked out on Sunday there will still be tickets available!
  5. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    Sadly not :( Would have been ideal with the bank holiday, but we've got the kids and it will be too much (financially) for us all to do that plus Glasto. Also, youngest hates festivals (!!!) - but his only experience so far is Guilfest. If there's a tent for x-boxing then he'd go.
  6. tort

    tort Highly Polished

    Don't despair Nelly. The Tortlets used to be exactly the same when we used to go to WOMAD, just sitting in the tent playing their gameboys all day long. Nowadays we do at least 3 festivals as a family each summer, including Glastonbury, and they totally get it just as much as their Dad does.
  7. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    We are going to miss you Nelly, after all you are the person who put it on my radar........

    I can completely understand why teh youngest would haet festivals if his only experience is Guilfest...... its dire!!!

    Hmmm ferret.... tickets for the festiaval or the footbal match???

    Hmm this time in two weeks I may well be waking up with a hangover.......... I hope they have good bacon rolls..... :roflol:
  8. Ferret

    Ferret 6th time in Camp Triangle in 2017

    last nights result makes it more likely that i will be seeking a bearded ticket on sunday night!!
  9. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    They have (or had not sure they'll be back) a great coffee place which is a recycled horsebox, great for espressos first thing :)
  10. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    Sounds perfect both Annie and I are coffee hounds.....
  11. ozzie

    ozzie p'tang yang kipperbang

    We're going :)
  12. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    I nicked this from the GlastoChat FB group.

  13. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    I think, if it's the same one, you mean The Greatest Little Coffee Box on Earth and as far as I can see on their Facebook page there's no mention of them being at Bearded Theory this year:(

    We became regulars there at 2012 Bearded Theory :whistle:
  14. CaptainCardigan

    CaptainCardigan New Member

    I've been going to Bearded for a few years now as my first festival of the season and really rate it as friendly small(ish) festival with a good wide range of music.

    AND I enjoy real ale and many festivals I go to are a bit hit and miss, but Thornbridge is lovely!!!

    Growing a beard for the occasion.... (much to the dislike of the misses:whistle:)

    Maybe I'll bump into some of you there!
    Last edited: May 12, 2014
  15. Debsh2

    Debsh2 Member

    Excellent, there are a few of us going then :)

    I cant wait..... 10 days and counting!!!
  16. Ferret

    Ferret 6th time in Camp Triangle in 2017

    Ditto :) (to the beard part - not to the dislike of your missus - i don't even know her!)
  17. CaptainCardigan

    CaptainCardigan New Member

    Made me :roflol:!...
  18. tort

    tort Highly Polished

  19. Nelly

    Nelly Active Member

    Next year...
  20. puzzledbyadream

    puzzledbyadream Still puzzled

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