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Any pregnant Glastowatchers going this year?

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by norainplease, May 7, 2013.

  1. norainplease

    norainplease Glastoadict!

    Hello all :D

    Any pregnant ladies on here going to Glastonbury this year?

    I'll be about 6(ish) months with our first and it'll be mine and the hubby's 6th Glasto. Just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat?

    Any advice from those brave enough to do Glasto preggers in the past would be most appreciated!

    At the moment my biggest worry is it'll either be a washout and I'll have to shuffle everywhere so as to to fall in the good old Glasto sludge, or it'll be a scorcher ala 2010 and I'll be melting!! Either way I'm sure I'll manage and I can't wait :clap:

    Have splurged a wee bit this year and we've hired a campervan so at least I'll have a warm dry bed - if I make the waddle up the hill of death :$

    Anyway, look forward to any advice!

    Peace and Glasto love,

    Norainplease (and bump!)
  2. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    You are very brave, at least being in a campervan will make it a bit more comfortable for you. Can't offer any advice on being at festivals in pregnancy although I have been pregnant twice but I wouldn't have been that brave. Mind you I commuted to London on a train for 50 minutes there and back every day with the first one, that was my idea of hell!
  3. norainplease

    norainplease Glastoadict!

    Thanks MrsBee :) As I said it'll be our 6th festival so at least I know what to expect and know what my limitations will be!

    I'm with you on the commuting thing, I have to commute a 200 mile round trip once or twice a week at the moment, which has been a bit challenging to say the least!
  4. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    Hmmm, if I remember correctly it's toilet stops that seemed to be one of the challenging bits. That will be a tricky one, more frequent use of the longdrops. I saw a suggestion somewhere on the forum, of sticking toilet wipes over your nose then using afterwards although how you'd make it stay on I have no idea:unsure:
  5. Avoid any crushes where big bands start or finish
    Try to avoid going down steep slopes if you walk a bit further you can often avoid them
    Walking sticks or walking poles might be useful
    A lot of the site gets very dark some people are on hallucinogens so walking about a lot in the dark bits someone may bump into you.
    Take a good torch, especially if you’re walking at night have a group of friends around you
    If you have any problems tell a steward if they don’t seem much use speak to their supervisor, stewards have radios and maps and they can normally help you .
    We have a no folding chair policy in a lot of the venues especially dance venues, so you may be better off spending time somewhere with seats that’s chilled and has live bands there are some nice places on the Greenfields .
    If you’re going to watch a band on stage normally the sides of the stage are less crowded, or just stay far back I wouldn’t stand in the centre bit when the stones were playing for example , and just be aware of when the band is going to finish and position yourself so you don’t get in a crush .
    If you have any trouble find a steward or security don’t overdo it
    We have some big medical centres on site loads of doctors and equipment , apart from that most people will try to look out for you but if you have any problems don’t be shy ask for help
  6. akicif

    akicif Member

  7. MrsBee

    MrsBee Member

    Yes, or maybe sunglasses, very dark ones, so you also can't see the state of the longdrops when you use them;)

    Hopefully it will be very sunny but not too hot for norainplease:x=:
  8. DevonHammer

    DevonHammer Been going since mid-90s

    One of the people I go to Glastonbury with is the onsite gynaecologist/obstetrician consultant. He is on call 24 hrs a day and so if you have any worries head up to the medical centre and they can call him on the phone or get him to come to the medical centre.
  9. Cazz

    Cazz Member

    Congratulations. Glad you have a proper bed to sleep on. During my pregnancy I had terrible pelvic pain and Glasto would have been to much for me! Make sure you drink lots of water and eat well, sit down when you can with your feet up (this will help with water retention and swollen legs from all the walking) Bring Gaviscon in case of heart burn!
  10. Northernsoul45

    Northernsoul45 New Member

    i salute your spirit to still to go to the festival whilst preggers. hope you have a great & safe time

    2 couples in out iniital group cancelled (prior to paying the final deposit) as their wives were going to be in late pregnancy by the time festival starts.

    the travel down & back from glasgow was another consideration, not just the living at the site for the 5 days.
  11. norainplease

    norainplease Glastoadict!

    Thanks for all the lovely replies guys and the advice! :) The plan is to take it very easy and having been 5 times before I don't have to feel like I should be dashing about to see everything, will definitely be more chilled this year!

    Thanks for the guidance on security, medical etc. I managed to quite seriously cut my finger a few years back and had to go to the main medical centre (two lovely security guys took me on the back of their quad!!) and was amazed at the set up and the medics there were fantastic so that's given me the confidence to go for it this year too :D

    Hopefully meet you all in a sunny field in Somerset in around 50 days!

    Peace and love, NRP :D
  12. rooroo

    rooroo Super 6th!

    My sister in law was 7mths pregnant, in 2007... So suffered a rainy one... Her main advice to me (as secretly i think she wants some nieces/nephews!) Is to always have enough layers to keep warm as you really miss your "beer coat" when sober!
  13. puzzledbyadream

    puzzledbyadream Still puzzled

    The Association of Radical Midwives have a tent in the greenfields with foot baths iirc, sounds like that might be nice!
  14. norainplease

    norainplease Glastoadict!

    Yeah with you on the layers, amazing how warm a beer coat can be!!

    Definitely going to visit the Radical Midwives, on my very small to do list for this year!! ;)
  15. gnomio

    gnomio gl7

    I will be 20 weeks pregnant, I've been every year since apart from 2011 as I had my little girl on the 18th June, 4 weeks early. I didn't want to miss out this year. We couldn't get tickets until the April resale and we could only get one way coach tickets for the Wednesday (my plan was to come up on the friday morning) So now i'm camping for 5 days, must be mad, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.
  16. Lou's other half

    Lou's other half Glasto Vet

    Ha ha, now that's the spirit! Newbies will be reading this post thinking, "Why would she do that?" Not long now before they find out for themselves!! :clap:

    Welcome, by the way! :bdance:
  17. stinkywitch

    stinkywitch Mrs Mashed Matt

    In the kidz field they have a lovely spot for ladies with bumps. Cosy, dry and comfy. I'm pretty sure they have at least one midwife there. As for holding wipes over your nose for the loo visits, take some of the builders masks that keep dust out and put some scented tissues inside. Only way I could get my 6 yr old to go.
  18. norainplease

    norainplease Glastoadict!

    I'll be 25 weeks and can't wait! Glad you got tickets in the resale, must have been nerve racking that one :)
  19. Jenni

    Jenni Member

    Can you actually believe I planned to have my baby last year as it was the fallow year!! It was great timing and worked out perfectly LOL

    I think you'll be fine as long as it doesn't get too muddy. I can understand why you are No Rain Please!!!

    Hope you have a fab time
  20. Kyelo

    Kyelo Well broken in...

    Said child at 8 years old "Mummy, why did you have me when you did?"
    Jenni "Glastonbury wasn't on child"

    My sister isn't going because she just gave birth, booo! Glastonbury is full of places to rest, help points etc though. All the support you could ask for and more. I always find it amazing the amount of babies there are, your lot are more able adults than me!

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