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2010 tickets being dispatched

Discussion in 'Stone Circle' started by GlastoWatch, May 18, 2010.

  1. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

  2. stinkywitch

    stinkywitch Mrs Mashed Matt

    not us yet :(
  3. Sicknote

    Sicknote New Member

    Status page says "Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to:" for me
  4. Mart44

    Mart44 Member

    Same for me - but its nice to see they have all my details and the correct address etc. Because they have to be signed for I always end up going to the post office early to pick them up - then I smile all day, and the next day and............
  5. isssobel

    isssobel Incapable Tour guide

    Venue Worthy Farm
    Town Pilton-Somerset
    Date of show 23/06/2010
    Date booked 12/04/2010
    Time booked 10.17
    Order Details 2 x ONLINE ADULT 16+ at ?190.00 (including ?5.00 booking fee)
    2 x MANCHESTER: DEP 12:00 RET 12:30 at ?58.50
    Total Value ?501.95 (including ?4.95 transaction fee)
    Order Status Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to:
    : )
  6. santhony

    santhony Lower Mead Resident

    Received today:

    Dear MR ANTHONY,
    We are writing to confirm the despatch of your recent order.
    The order details are as below -

    Order reference number 2********
    1 tickets (numbers 8*****-8*****) for GLASTONBURY 2010 on 25-27th June 10

    Your Tickets were despatched on Thursday 20th May 2010

    They were sent by Special Delivery postage and should be with you in the next 2-3 days.
    If you are not in to sign for them a card will be left advising you to call the postal service to arrange for re-delivery. Please note, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the postal service to arrange for this re-delivery.
  7. jaya

    jaya Member

    Ok Dear Mr Anthony, I got the same email and thought I would try out their tracking system....Do you know what your tracking number is because I have used all the numbers and cant gey any to work??? (confirm, I dont want to know your tracking number, just mine!) he he Jaya
  8. santhony

    santhony Lower Mead Resident

    I doesnt look like we have one yet?? It says on the DX website that if they have an email or mobile number they send information and a tracking number, but I dont think seetickets have passed that info on. So I think we get a tracking number if your not in when they try delivering and leave a card.

    So its just sit tight for now!! And hope your in when they come knocking, because it wont be a case of popping down to the royal mail sorting office to pick it up. I reckon its going to be the usual ballache of re-arranging deliverys etc, all good fun!!
  9. jaya

    jaya Member

    Dear Mr Anthony, thanks for info, I dont mind if they leave at sorting office I just hope they are not the ones that charge for a re deliver. I had a quick look at their web and wasnt convinced! Mind you the years We ve been waiting to get our hands on these tickets I would gladly pay Mr Glasto himself to deliver!!!! Jaya
  10. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    Just received my dispatch email :D
  11. GlastoWatch

    GlastoWatch Staff Member

    I've received my ticket :bdance:

    But the car park sticker is missing :mad:

    Waiting to her back from See about getting one sent out to me.
  12. rdoyle

    rdoyle New Member

    Expect to have your tickets the next day Seetickets despatch them, SecureDX is always next day, unless you miss the delivery. And no, its not as simple as nipping to the local sorting office, DX Service Centres are strictly not open to the public.
  13. jaya

    jaya Member

    I recieved my emails last week and still no tickets, have just spoken to see requesting a despatch number and was told there are no despatch numbers...... and to phone 0844 770 1543, cant get through to this number !!! (As I dont have a despatch number) I feel a panic !!! Also they are sending out two tickets seperatly ? plus the ticket insurance seperatly which means having to wait in over three days?
  14. jaya

    jaya Member

    spoke with DX who said they had a load of tickets there with a despatch date of the 14th June.? The lady then spoke with her manager who agreed it seemed silly to hold on to them and agreed to send mine on Wed. Still unclear if its all my tickets or just one as I had three different confirmation emails from see? So if any of you recieved your email it may be worth phoning the number I posted earlier so that you have a bit more time other than one week before, to arrange re delivery ect......(as no doubt you will be out..) good luck :)
  15. jaya

    jaya Member

    Very confused, just recieved another email from see WITH a tracking number saying tickets being delivered tomorrow not WED....however when I tested this new number on the dx web it says the 14th june again? Is any one else getting conflickting emails??? I CANT be the only one ???
  16. whatme

    whatme Mashed Matt

    i hope they dont leave it that late. my nervs wont take it :mad:
  17. ReinventingMe

    ReinventingMe New Member

    Its been a week since I got the dispatch email from See. Gonna give DX a bell tomorrow if nothing shows up at home today.
  18. jaya

    jaya Member

    DX have now arranged BOTH tickets to arrive today,....so me and my boyfriend are taking shifts to stay in all day (passports at the ready)...I would strongly reccomend phoning DX just to see if there is a delivery date of 14th June, and if so bringing it forward. Good luck and fingers crossed.
  19. santhony

    santhony Lower Mead Resident

    Finally received mine today!!!
  20. Maisie

    Maisie New Member

    I got an email on the 19th of this month confirming my dispatch and claiming my ticket would be here within 2-3 days, i'm still waiting for it :-|

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