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NEWS 17 memorable moments that made Glastonbury 2017

Discussion in 'Glastonbury Festival News' started by Metro, Jun 26, 2017.

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    by staticsilent

    2017 was a good year for Glasto fans (Picture: Rex/Getty/Twitter/Metro.co.uk)

    Like every year, Glastonbury 2017 was about much more than just its headliners.

    [​IMG]‘I watched a guy who thought he was a slug’: A Glastonbury Festival paramedic reveals all
    There was the surprise appearance of two popular figures at the complete opposite ends of the political spectrum, a long overdue debut for one of the death metal scene’s biggest heroes and the filming of a Hollywood musical featuring a three-time Oscar nominee.

    The morning after the weekend before, here’s a look at 17 memorable moments that made this year’s festival.

    Corbynmania reaches new heights

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