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New Profile Posts

  1. Nola Bishop
    Nola Bishop
    On what date does the secret sale ??
  2. Debsh2
    We're going to Glastonbury 'This Year' whoop
  3. Irvin Markegard
  4. PrimalColin2
    Now that was a great Glasto, Where is my bed Lolz
  5. PrimalColin2
    Right I have found the Volunteers page but its closed :( booooo Can anyone tell me when it opens for 2017 so I don't miss out?
  6. PrimalColin2
    Hello all my favourite lovely people who also love Glasto
  7. exstockwellgooner
    Back in the game for next year - fingers crossed
  8. Sherpa Benji
    Sherpa Benji
    Sherpa Benji - maker of the best festival trolley available.
  9. ecoharpo
    I have been going to Glastonbury festival since the 70's when hippies were barred from the local pubs and there was no fence round the site.
  10. arlandria
    arlandria GlastoWatch
    Hey Glastowatch!
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the festival last year! I roped you into a selfie pic on that scorcher of a day I met you! I hope to meet you again this year! Thanks for the brilliant forum and for the wee trophy too, yay! Eimear
  11. Debsh2
    Cant believe I'm going solo this year!!
    1. Ron Foord
      Ron Foord
      Me too so if you want some company to watch some bands let me know.
      May 31, 2016